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E TalkMarkets Tuesday Talk: Sideways Into July
No clear path emerged from last week’s trading and it appears that the markets are moving sideways into July. Here are some of the things some of TalkMarkets’ contributors found to say.
E TalkMarkets Tuesday Talk: No Clear Path
No clear path, but Tuesday morning futures currently signal the market wants to continue higher. With that backdrop in mind here’s a look at some topics of interest and concern among TalkMarkets contributors.
E TalkMarkets Tuesday Talk: Forecast Looks Choppy
The Fed’s comments about purchasing corporate bonds helped buoy the boats yesterday, but the market seas remain choppy even as cities in Europe and states in the US continue to re-open. Here is what some of TalkMarkets’ contributors have to say.
E TalkMarkets Tuesday Talk: The Higher You Go, The Harder You Fall?
Kids playing on the see-saw in the playground quickly learn that the higher you go, the harder you fall. How high will the market go and when will it fall are two questions on the minds of many this morning.
E TalkMarkets Tuesday Talk: June Ablaze
June is a month when flower gardens are ablaze with color. Unfortunately, this week cities in the U.S. are ablaze as well, as rioting has taken hold as people protest the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of the police.
E TalkMarkets Tuesday Talk: May Market Maze
It's the last Tuesday in May and the start of a short trading week to end out the month, and what the week will look like is anyone's guess. With US-China tensions rising, a mix of good and bad news is sure to send the charts up and down.


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