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John Oliver: The Economies Of FIFA And The World Cup
John Oliver takes a humorous look at the not so humorous truth behind FIFA in this eye-opening video.
Is Advertising On Facebook "A Waste Of Money?"
An experiment proves legitimate Facebook advertising yields identical results to paying for likes via fraudulent click-farms. So why would Facebook encourage the sale of fake likes? It generates significant revenue from these illegitimate likes.
Video: Barry Ritholtz And Peter Schiff On The Daily Show
Barry Ritholtz and Peter Schiff both accepted an invitation to appear on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show. Though an entertaining watch, the encounter was likely not what was expected...
What If Google Was A Guy?
What if Google were a real person you had to speak to in order to find what you were looking for. The results might be... downright comical.
Bye-Bye Blockbuster
Yes, you now get to keep that very overdue video. Blockbuster.may be gone but it will live on in this satirical video. Enjoy.
1 to 5 of 5 Posts