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Thoughts For Thursday: A Bumpy Ride At The New Year
Two days into the trading year, the stock market has initiated a bumpy ride for investors. It seems there may be a fair amount of up and down action before the market finds its 2024 legs.
Thoughts For Thursday: War Worries Rattle The Market
Perhaps it was partly credit availability and high rate worries, but more likely the market was jittery because POTUS was spending the day in a relatively dangerous war zone on Wednesday.
Thoughts For Thursday: Market Expectation - No Change In Fed Funds Rate
The escalating conflict in the Middle East, the release of September CPI data and the House vote for Steve Scalise as Speaker are just 3 items, awaiting investors at today's market open.
Tuesday Talk: War, What Is It Good For? The Stock Market
It's true war is good for absolutely nothing, but yesterday the stock market closed in the green with top gainers all from the defense industry or the oil industry.
Thoughts For Thursday: Market Pops Back, But Oil Stocks Head Down
Yesterday the stock marked snapped back from Tuesday's tumble, but that does not mean it will be sustained today. As oil prices retreated, sector stocks did as well.
Tuesday Talk: Shut-down Averted But Showdowns Loom!
A government shut-down was averted over the weekend, but two showdowns loom large. The first is the challenge to Speaker McCarthy's leadership and the second is the widening UAW strike.
Tuesday Talk: Up Monday Doesn't Preclude A Repeat Performance On Tuesday
The market closed up on Monday, but early morning options trading in market futures show a similar decline for Tuesday. The stock market carousel continues for now.
Thoughts For Thursday: CPI Keeps The Market In Neutral
CPI figures showed that August inflation came in at 3.7%. The figures included the much discussed summer increase in gasoline prices which did not make it into the July number.
Tuesday Talk: Neutral Positive Energy
Monday the market continued to maintain its neutral positive energy exhibited since late last week. Rising a bit, but no breakout in sight.
Thoughts For Thursday: Oil Prices Bring On The Blues
Looking for something to put a damper on good economic news, the market seems to have found it in concerns about lower Saudi and Russian oil production.
Tuesday Talk: Post-Holiday Tuesday
One hopes most were able to enjoy the last long weekend of summer with family and friends, despite the fact that many others had to work yesterday.
Thoughts For Thursday: August's Rocky Road Is Coming To An End
As the last trading day in August comes into focus, it appears that the month may end close to where it started. At least that is where the trading day ended on Wednesday.
Tuesday Talk: Like A Carousel
The stock market has been going up and down much like a carousel ride, of late. One day up, one day down, not too fast, not too slow, on a ride that seems to take you nowhere.
Thoughts For Thursday: Thanks For The Bounce, Nvidia!
The market bounced higher yesterday on the back of the much anticipated Nvidia earnings report. Whether this will carry through to Friday and Powell's Jackson Hole speech, is a question.
Tuesday Talk: Monday Rebound
On Monday, the market rallied to rebound higher after a tough week of sideways and downward action. It remains to be seen if the rebound will be sustainable.
Thoughts For Thursday: Slipsliding Sideways
The market has been slip-sliding all week, but with two more trading days to go, we might see it try to recover toward the upside before the weekend.
1 to 16 of 310 Posts
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