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E Tuesday Talk: Vaccinations Up, COVID Cases Down, Market Correcting
While vaccinations are on the rise and COVID-19 cases coming down in the U.S. and Europe and as President Biden marks 500K plus deaths from the virus the market appears to be in a corrective mode.
E Tuesday Talk: Fool's Gold Or Gold's Fool?
U.S. market futures are trading in green territory as traders and investors return from the Presidents Day break which included lots of (continuing) cold weather across the country, as well as Trump's acquittal in his second impeachment trial.
E Tuesday Talk: Stimulating Stimulus
Congressional approval of President Biden's stimulus plan stimulated activity in the markets yesterday and there was certainly plenty to go around from the Dow advancing 237 points to Bitcoin soaring past $40,000, spurred on by Elon Musk.
E GameStopped For Now
The GameStop frenzy which caused the markets to end January lower than when the month started has ended, despite its having left Robinhood's C-suite team frantically looking to raise cash.
E Tuesday Talk: Market Bubbles And Global Troubles
Just under a week into the Biden administration, the stock market seems to be staying the course. Yesterday the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 37 points at 30,960. On Inauguration Day last Wednesday, it closed up 116 points at 30,930.
E Words For Wednesday: Farewell To Trump And Hail To The Chief
Donald Trump is set to leave Washington and the Presidency, prior to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. The nation's capital and those of all 50 states are on edge, though market futures are green.
E Tuesday Talk: Of Stocks And Dollars
While the nation teeters between relief and anxiety, the stock market, teetering too, seems (at this point) to be determined to look through to and beyond January 21.
E Tuesday Talk: A January Jolt To Start The Year
January started with a jolt. Whether this is a sign that the bears have come out of the forest or just first of the year profit-taking combined with Senate runoff and COVID-19 jitters remains to be seen.
E TalkMarkets Tuesday Talk: New Year's Eve Euphoria?
Barring any last minute catastrophic events, US stock markets will end 2020 on high, green notes with many investors holding full hands. COVID-19 vaccines are in, Trump is on the way out and both 2021 and President-elect Biden will soon be with us.
E TalkMarkets Tuesday Talk: A Very COVID Christmas
News of a mutant COVID-19 strain coming out of England has shutdown skies worldwide and vaccines aside, has put an even further damper on an already dark holiday season. After a choppy morning, US markets rebounded and closed mostly unchanged Monday.
E TalkMarkets Tuesday Talk: Of Brexit And Brandade
The markets continue their volatile trend upwards on optimism that there will be a Brexit deal in Europe and an additional stimulus package in the U.S. by year's end.
E TalkMarkets Words For Wednesday: "V" Is For Vaccine
Tuesday the first vaccines were administered to people in the UK and today the Pfizer vaccine arrived in Israel. Markets are reacting well to the inoculation news as well as to positive signs regarding a new US stimulus package before the holidays.
E TalkMarkets Tuesday Talk: Post-Thanksgiving Reality Check
Good Morning. It is December 1 and we take note to mention that amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the Presidential transition and a blazing market rally, it is also, "World Aids Day". 
E TalkMarkets Tuesday Talk: Optimism Advancing On Turkeys
Boosted by the the AstraZeneca vaccine news US markets closed higher on Monday. Encouraged by the GSA release of Presidential transition funds post-close, Tuesday market futures are trading higher.
E TalkMarkets Tuesday Talk: Flying High Where The Geese Soar
Amidst the raging pandemic and President Trump’s so far, steadfast reluctance to concede the election to Joe Biden, the stock market continues to fly high seemingly reaching the altitudes of migrating Canada geese in the November sky.
E TalkMarkets Tuesday Talk: Markets Ignore Trump Bump In The Road
Joe Biden is the presumptive President-elect and the stock markets have for now ignored the possibility of any negative fall-out from President Trump's legal challenges to the election results.
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