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Thoughts For Thursday: Back To The Races
It was back to the races at the stock market on Wednesday, as stocks surged on news of July's flat CPI.
Tuesday Talk: Gone Fishing Till Wednesday?
The market started out higher but ended the day more or less where it began. Perhaps it's just a case of gone fishing till Wednesday, when July CPI figures will be released.
Thoughts For Thursday: Inflation Moves Manchin
The stock market rallied yesterday on the anticipated 75 bp rate hiked announced by Fed Chair Powell yesterday, and should be further buoyed by Senator Manchin's change of heart.
Tuesday Talk: Wonder Rates
Our world is filled with wonder as recent photographs from the James Webb telescope have shown. But for the moment Wall St. is racked with a mundane wonder, what will become of rates?
Thoughts For Thursday: Rallies To Nowhere?
It's hard to see where the market is going when hard rally days are followed by drops. Still, the S&P 500 is up about 200 pts from a month ago, the Dow 1,200 pts and the Nasdaq 700 pts.
Thoughts For Thursday: One To One And One
The US Dollar and the Euro are at or near parity, 1:1 and while Bostic is suggesting the Fed will hike up 1, the Royal Bank of Canada reached that summit yesterday.
Tuesday Talk: Market Mash-Up
After a relatively robust week, markets started this one with a stumble. Q2 financial sector earnings, US CPI numbers and Dollar/Euro parity are all topics to give investors pause.
Thoughts For Thursday: Bounce Cat, Bounce!
The market managed to close up on a significant bounce in the last 1.5 hours of Wednesday's trading session. Whether it is the sign of a continuing upward trend remains to be seen.
Tuesday Talk: Fireworks And Rollercoasters - The Day After
In addition to those experienced over the 4th of July weekend as part of Independence Day celebrations, the market also provides its own fireworks and rollercoaster rides.
Thoughts For Thursday: Which Way Through Uncertainty?
Markets are trying to maintain resistance levels generated from last week's rally, but finding the path to doing so is proving to be no easy matter.
Thoughts For Thursday: Flat And Frazzled
After a steep hike-up on Tuesday and a churner of a down and up for most of the trading session on Wednesday, the market ended the day flat and frazzled.
Tuesday Talk: What Side, Upside?
As US markets return from the Juneteenth holiday, investors are keen to see if Friday's "rebound" will continue on Tuesday.
Thoughts For Thursday: When The CPI Hits Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie, What's That?
The big question moving into the end of the week is how markets will react to Friday's BLS release of May's CPI data. So far risk-off sentiment seems to be carrying the day.
Tuesday Talk: Rally In The Alley
Yes, stocks did rally last Thursday only to fall back on Friday and move sideways on Monday, all the while keeping the S&P 500 well above 4,000.
Thoughts For Thursday: Bear Rally, Bull Drop
James Bullard suggested that Fed rates could hit 3.5% and Jamie Dimon said people should prepare for an economic hurricane, so it is no wonder that markets closed down yesterday.
Thoughts For Thursday: Moving Up, Moving Down
Stocks closed higher on Wednesday in the third day of an up, down, up trading week thus far. Yesterday, the market seemed to react positively to the release of the FOMC May meeting minutes.
1 to 16 of 224 Posts
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