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Market Up Or Market Down, These Spirited Beverage Companies Make Money
In politics, one side will win, one side will lose. But no matter the outcome, the alcoholic beverage industry wins perennially over something so transitory as "four more years" or "a new beginning".
September Is Not 'The Cruelest Month' - Despite Thursday
Analysts spend volumes debating why is September such a poor month to get through? Wrong question. Ask first if there is any validity to this oft-repeated fable. It has been told so many times that many people believe it.
Intel Is Down - Not Out
Intel is one of the true heavyweights in the semiconductor industry. I would like to discuss with you why I think Intel is a sleeping giant ready to regain its territory.
Exxon Mobil: Bridge To The Future
The United States is the top producing country of natural gas in the world. Exxon Mobil (NYSE: XOM) is the biggest producer of natural gas in the United States.
ACIO And DRSK: And Now, For Those Who May Be A Little Nervous
I have been steadily buying into this rally even though the danger has been high. The future of the US markets always is bright long term. Short term, anything can happen.
PGF: My No. 1 ETF Combining Yield And Safety
During the difficult mid-March period, when there almost were zero bids for fixed income holdings, PGF met all redemption requests with aplomb.


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Here Comes “The Fed Is Meeting!” Folly, Right On Schedule
3 years ago

At least we don't have to wait long to find out if this plays true again this time...


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There Are Preferred Stocks And There Are 'Preferred' Preferreds
3 years ago

By the way, if anyone prefers ETFs to mutual funds, FPE is my favorite preferred ETF. It also owns a number of resettable preferreds and has a slightly lower expense ratio of 0.85%, but has also not done quite as well in total return as the managers at NPSAX.

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There Are Preferred Stocks And There Are 'Preferred' Preferreds
3 years ago

Thank you for commenting, Ms Klein. I appreciate you catching that typo! Yesterday was an interesting time here at 7000 feet at Lake Tahoe. We lost power for a short time, my neighbor's roof collapsed and I had to hack down a massive ice dam at my place during what is likely to be our last "big" blizzard of the season. As this variation of the old saying goes, "Post in haste, repent at leisure." Thanks again!

In this article: GE, GS, JPM, WFC, NPSAX
There Are Preferred Stocks And There Are 'Preferred' Preferreds
3 years ago

...and a special Tip o' the Hat to reader Bill Johnson who must have thought, "Really? Joe thinks a 1.7% expense ratio is a good thing???" and researched it on M*. I can't edit the article once published but I'll ask the editors to fix it right now. THANK YOU.


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Enough With When The Fed Will Raise Rates — Get Over It
4 years ago

Joe, I can't imagine a scenario where they could do anything else. 0.25%and incrementally thereafter is how I see it unfolding when they finally begin...

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The Insurance Industry Is A Sweet Spot For Investors Now
5 years ago

All fine firms. You might also take a look at Allegheny and Canada's Sun Life... As for the property casualty firms, a hurricane or other disaster hits their earnings for a year or so but they simply raise rates then and recoup. Interesting business model!

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Is It Time To Buy Oil Companies Again?
5 years ago

Speaking from my bias as a geopolitical analyst rather than portfolio manager, I certainly hope not. Enriching a government sworn to destroy Western civilization is hardly the coup the administration has painted. Bring them into the family of nations? Wishful thinking. Expect the first lifted-sanctions windfall to go straight to Hizbollah...

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Invest In “Europe?” No. In European Companies? Yes.
5 years ago

The article was written June 25, not even 20 days ago! I suppose if one's time horizon is 20 days this looks like too little "action." Our investment thesis, stated in the first paragraph, has to do with QE in Europe and the ascent of the USD. This is an investment, not a trade.

Greece, to the multinationals we favor, is nothing but an ancillary event that has little effect on their customers, revenues or earnings -- which is why I never mentioned it.

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Is It Time To Buy Oil Companies Again?
5 years ago

Thanks, J Town. FYI, we recommended MPC and VLO as our choices among the refiners. And we still like the big integrateds. Nothing is certain with the Iran deal once Congress and now-snubbed US allies in the Gulf weigh in...

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What Special Forces Can Teach Us About Investing
5 years ago

That's very kind of you, Marcy, but as I mentioned (maybe on Seeking Alpha / I thought here) I can fess up to being the young Captain rappelling in the first photo but by the time of Afghanistan I was an old general and they don't let the old guys have any fun at all any more! ;>)

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