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Money manager with 40+ years experience / Geopolitical analyst
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Joseph L. Shaefer is the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Stanford Wealth Management, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor.
Retired senior executive of Charles Schwab and Co. Retired (36 years) active and reserve military service -- six in special operations, the next 30 in the ... more


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Wait! You Mean Markets Go Up AND Down?
666 points down in a single day sounds horrific, but we must remember the Dow was up 1430 points just in January. A 50% retracement is not unusual: parabolic rises often result in parabolic declines.
Is First Trust The Best ETF Family You Don't Know?
Barron's recently wrote an article about the best fund families of 2016. First Trust Advisors was #5. Here is what makes them different.
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