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Money manager with 40 years experience / Geopolitical analyst US intelligence community
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Joseph L. Shaefer is the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Stanford Wealth Management, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor.
Retired senior executive of Charles Schwab and Co. Retired (36 years) active and reserve military service -- six in special operations, the next 30 in the ... more


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Why I Won't Be Buying Boeing
Boeing's problems are bigger than the 737- MAX - its KC-46 (defense aircraft) faces similar issues. One day I believe Boeing will recover its former glory. Just not today.
My 'Fallen Angels' Favorites For 2020 Part 3: Pfizer
Moonstruck investors chased recreational drug stocks into the stratosphere, only to watch them plummet. Pfizer however is a company with real products, real earnings and a not-too-shabby dividend yield just under 4%. It still has room to grow.
My 'Fallen Angels' Favorites For 2020 Part 2: Kraft Heinz
I invest across all sectors and asset classes. Value is where your find it, as are companies on the rebound. I think Kraft Heinz is at that nexus.
My 'Fallen Angels' Favorites For 2020 Part 1: IBM
Sometimes, even the best of companies don’t perform as well as their peers. However, history shows that buying those with strong balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow will often rebound with gusto. IBM is one such company.
A Shot Across The Bow: Simon Property Goes Online
Simon Property Group tends to have the finest-quality outlet malls with some of the best names in retail as lessees in its properties.
Altria: Certain Wealth In Uncertain Times
As of the last trade, Altria may have been 12.21 times earnings and 8,22% yield or some other slight variation based upon the share price.
XAR: Still The Best Aerospace & Defense ETF
XAR carries the lowest expense ratio of all these ETFs – although we are talking a range of only 0.35% for XAR and 0.59% for PPA.
The Market Is Nearing Its Priced-To-Perfection Moment
The tweeters are all atwitter about the fact that we are about to hit a new record high. I am enjoying the carnival ride, but am not paying up to ride again right now. I provide the charts below for perspective.
The Global Defense Industry - Here Are The Best To Buy
To understand the global defense industry, we need to understand global defense budgeting and “how” those dollars are spent. In light of that, here are the best global aerospace and defense companies.
Qualcomm: The Rise, The Fall, And The Next Rise
Trailing revenues are $21.23 billion. Analysts expect this to increase significantly as a result of the Apple settlement.
The Defiance 5G NextGen Connectivity ETF Is The Smart Way To Play 5G
I suggest for your due diligence the Defiance 5G Next Gen Connectivity ETF as a way to gain good exposure to the major players and major trends within the 5G world.
Will Chevron's LNG Plant At Kitimat B.C. Ever Be Built?
Yes, it most likely will, in fact a number of recent events make it more likely than ever.
What Is An ETF Fund?
ETFs have taken the investing world by storm. Their popularity has begun to eclipse the popularity of many traditional mutual funds. But just what is an ETF? In what ways are these investments different and how does one acquire them?
2019: A Good Year For 'Stealth' Long-Short Funds
It is a tough job to know when to be more long than short or short than long. However, here are some balanced funds, tactical allocation funds and even a DIY idea that might just fit the bill during a difficult market environment.
Is There A Long/Short Fund Worth Buying?
There are more than 25 ETFs that claim to be long/short funds and more than 100 traditional mutual funds that claim the same. However, most of these are merely put and call option writing income enhancers. But a few are worthwhile during these times.
Looking For Shelter From The Storm? Consider These Strategies
One way to beat the benchmarks is simply to decline less during downdrafts like yesterday as well as during serious bear markets. This can be done by how you mix different asset classes in your portfolio and by keeping losses from spiraling.
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