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Joseph L. Shaefer is the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Stanford Wealth Management, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. Retired senior executive of Charles Schwab and Co. Retired (36 years) active and reserve military service -- six in special operations, the next 30 in the intelligence ...more

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Boeing: 1, 2, 3 Strikes, You're Out
Boeing's transparency and quality control issues, as well as its history of rushing products to market, make it an unattractive investment option.
Why Lithium Stocks Are Plunging Like Niagara
The bottom has fallen out of the support once afforded to lithium production companies. Most analysts expect a recovery won't happen until 2025. They are wrong and here's why...
The Last Fallen Angel For 2024
BP p.l.c. is the quintessential oil and gas company that has taken good care of shareholders but has fallen 26.71% over the past 10 years.
Tesla, Toyota, And Subaru: If You Could Buy Only One
Tesla's stock performance has been strong, but its future success depends on differentiation and maintaining its reputation for engineering and manufacturing excellence.
Lithium Americas: Divide And Conquer
Lithium Americas owns the largest known lithium mining property in the United States.
Why Lithium Stocks Are Falling
A discussion about the pullback in lithium companies and where we might go from here.
The Most Precious Resource On Earth Is In Danger
The most precious resource on earth is water. And we are squandering it at a precipitous rate. These two companies might be part of the solution.
The Glencore Trifecta: Cobalt, Copper And Nickel (And More)
Glencore has it all. It is the world’s biggest producer of cobalt and is among the top three public copper companies and nickel companies.
COPX: Copper Is The 'Conductor' Of The CCLANG Orchestra
After steel and aluminum, copper is the third-most used metal in the world.
FAANGs, No! CCLANGs, Yes! Norsk Hydro, First Among Equals
I created the acronym CCLANG for the most important materials essential to battery storage systems and EV development. I place aluminum first among equals in my CCLANG series of articles -and Norsk Hydro first among aluminum giants.
The Energy Sector Is Now The Way To Go
Oil and especially natural gas will see more demand in the coming autumn weeks and winter months.
Tesla And Volkswagen: Report From A Country With 64% BEV Adoption
What Norway is seeking, and likely to achieve, is zero "emissions" - from the automobiles themselves.
The Real Story On Inflation: How It Affects Your Portfolio
There will always be a tug of war between inflation and deflation. For a better understanding of where we stand today and the effect it has on your portfolio, read on...
Mercer International: This 'Strong Paper' Stock Is On A Roll
Canada-based Mercer International is one of the quiet companies that produce this environmentally clean to produce, easy to recycle paper that is increasingly used for e-commerce shipping.
The Market 'Could' Get Worse, But Signs Of Recovery Are Here: HDV And QQQ
The only real negative beyond the possibility of a serious expansion of the Russian attack on Ukraine is that we should see inflation continue in the 7%-8% range for a couple more months.
In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb: Sibanye Stillwater And Anglo American Platinum
Putin has become a pariah. since Russia is the world's top producer of palladium and the second-largest producer of platinum. I believe both ANGPY and SBSW are strong contenders for success as a result of Mr. Putin's bull in a china shop blunder.
1 to 16 of 131 Posts
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