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How Should We Secure Our Investments?
Over the last few years, the question about in which currency we should invest has been raised regularly. Does the currency in which the asset is denominated have any meaning for us?
Is The Bear Market Coming? Buybacks In The U.S. Are Massively Falling
Companies listed on the stock exchange may reward their shareholders in two main ways: by buying back their shares or by paying dividends.
Stock Market In A Good Mood
Recent weeks have brought significant sentiment improvement in equity markets.
Do Huge Buybacks Guarantee Stock Profits?
Over the past dozen months or so, companies in the U.S. have significantly increased their buybacks spending.
How To Use Price To Earnings Ratio
P/E or Price/Earnings is nothing else than the current price of the company shares divided by its Earnings per Share (EPS).
When Will Gold Rise Beyond 1500 USD?
Over the last year, dollar was doing very well, which limited increases in gold prices. However, temporary weakness of the American currency was enough for that metal to immediately rise to its 6-year high.


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Clinton V Trump – The Long Awaited Verdict
6 years ago

@[Carroll Richard](user:11965) Now we know what America thinks.

Clinton V Trump – The Long Awaited Verdict
6 years ago

1. HC didn't send reinforcements to the Ambassador who told her about a violent,developing situation in Benghazi and asked for them. This is a clear negligence on her side that led to deaths of people.

2. Wikileaks show how corrupt political scene in the US has been for years now. Including inside machinations of the DNC. If the emails showing how they cheated on Bernie, gave questions to Clinton before the debate is not unfair to you then I do not think we will agree on basic moral principles.

Don't blame the messenger also, saying that every politician is like this is no excuse, only shows how poor and immoral the candidate is.

3. I gave you CNN report on Youtube. How exactly has this been debunked?

If you are ok to vote for Clinton who is responsible for the death of US Ambassador, cheating on Bernie Sanders, giving away control over 20% of US Uranium deposits to Putin and laughing at a 12-year-old girl being raped- nothing else will change your mind and it's up to you to find peace of mind.

With that being said please do not try to claim high moral ground because it looks ridiculously unprofessional and is false. Also, next time check the stuff you claim twice - watch the video I gave you the link, she is clearly laughing and claims (it's in the case file) that 12-year-old WANTED to be raped.

Own your decision but do not whitewash Clinton because the leaks are not over yet (CGI, Podesta).

Clinton V Trump – The Long Awaited Verdict
6 years ago

Since you probably haven't read a lot about her from Wikileaks I'd put it this way:

Which candidate has lives on one's consciousness? Heard about Benghazi? Her laughing at getting rapist of a 12-year-old off the hook? Here, it's on CNN:

Trump while being an unknown is better than the obvious path to war with Russia, more Middle East crusades and pushing this country off the cliff when she becomes Obama 2.0.

You give an emotional argument which does not only prove that you will have a hard time backing your assertion with sources but also you apply different standards when you judge both candidates.

Japan’s Unemployment Rate Has Plunged Even Though The Economy Is Performing Poorly
6 years ago

Maybe their method of calculation has changed. Just like in the US unemployment rate is sub 5% but the labor participation rate is dropping steadily for years.

Clinton Or Trump? Elections With Global Impact - Head To Head Before Debate
6 years ago

@[Carl Schwartz](user:16874)

Adding government spending only makes sense for state contractors. This is a very small pool of people/companies, with the process being overly influenced by politics. More corruption (and failure of government interventions) seems like an inevitable result of adding more taxes to the federal wallet.

You have to look at those plans from every angle, not only a minor tax increase for the group that can easily pay no taxes (vide France and 75% tax). This will not work and is hardly an argument to balance her plan to spend more money than ever adding to 20 trillion US debt.

@[Carol Klein](user:15168)

Freedom fighters for one side are terrorists to another. By adding gas to the fire (only to secure more interests in Africa for oil companies and to acquire 280t of precious metals) sometimes perpetrator may burn his hand and this happened here. Letting terrorist groups to do the dirty work it enabled those crushed under Gaddafi to not only start being vociferous but to organise and take over. the result is visible. Libya is a failed stated.

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