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Clinton Or Trump? Elections With Global Impact - Head To Head Before Debate

Date: Monday, September 26, 2016 3:37 PM EDT

Barack Obama is leaving office after 8 years of his presidency. We can say openly now that this period is far from being the best in the American history. In just a few years US public debt doubled and the economy is beaten to a pulp. After adding trillions in debt we see the situation in Ukraine and the Middle East destabilised. What future policy of the superpower will be in the future? We may know more in November when Americans will vote. Most definitely the White House will be presided by either Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton or Republican nominee Donal Trump.


The US is in a very particular point in history. For the first time, the middle class in this country is a minority. American’s society stratification is stretched every single year and growing inequalities are visible. Nearly 70% of citizens using some form of government assistance (welfare, subsidies etc.). This, in turn, creates a huge deficit in government’s budget and we are past the point it could be balanced. The result is a huge public debt.

Using real inflation rate we see that the US economy is shrinking. Countries trying to catch up with Washington (China, Turkey, India and others) aim to limit using of USD in their international trade. Same applies to Russia and the dollar’s international role diminishes.

Source: Self-made

As you can see from the chart above in the long-term trend for USD share in the global currency reserves is falling. Recently we saw dollar strengthening but with a bigger picture in mind (since the introduction of EUR) it dropped from 71.5% to 64%.

Economically, the US does not impress anyone anymore but militarily it is unparalleled. A wide stream of funds ends up in the purse of the military-industrial complex (MIC). This is why we see American troops simultaneously all over the world in multiple operations with the MIC’s aim to perpetuate existing crises and create new ones.

Russia is presented to be the biggest enemy of the US. Washington successfully destabilised Ukraine leading up to Russian annexation of Crimea. Consequently, Moscow and Washington (with the EU) introduced sanctions against each other. When we mention demonising Russia it is worth noting a peculiar contrast. Important officials like John Kerry, Victoria Nuland visit Moscow on a regular basis and no one insinuates any special connection but Donald Trump is called “friend of Putin” thanks to his business links to Russia.

Coming back to both presidential candidates – both of them are pushing record numbers in terms of dislike and distrust among voters. Clinton has a lot of scandals under her belt while Trump is bashed for his anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Clinton, the candidate of the establishment

Hillary Rodham Clinton has been present in American politics for decades. Supported by establishment she enjoys immense media approbation. However, the email scandal and other scandals during the period when Clinton was the Secretary of State, are very hard to be swept under the rug.

According to a State Department Inspector General report, between 2009 and 2013, Clinton used a private server in her home for work-related issues. Over 30 000 emails processed by this server were published by WikiLeaks. Among others, we read about the plans to remove the regime in Syria.

“The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad,” Clinton wrote in one of her emails. From another one, we learn that she supported an idea of attacking Assad’s family.

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Dan Jackson 4 years ago Member's comment

It was close but I'd say #Trump won the debate. What do you guys think?

Independent Trader 4 years ago Author's comment

Carl Schwartz

Adding government spending only makes sense for state contractors. This is a very small pool of people/companies, with the process being overly influenced by politics. More corruption (and failure of government interventions) seems like an inevitable result of adding more taxes to the federal wallet.

You have to look at those plans from every angle, not only a minor tax increase for the group that can easily pay no taxes (vide France and 75% tax). This will not work and is hardly an argument to balance her plan to spend more money than ever adding to 20 trillion US debt.

Carol Klein

Freedom fighters for one side are terrorists to another. By adding gas to the fire (only to secure more interests in Africa for oil companies and to acquire 280t of precious metals) sometimes perpetrator may burn his hand and this happened here. Letting terrorist groups to do the dirty work it enabled those crushed under Gaddafi to not only start being vociferous but to organise and take over. the result is visible. Libya is a failed stated.

Carl Schwartz 4 years ago Member's comment

So #Trump wants to cut taxes, but only for the wealthy? While #Hillary wants to increase taxes on the rich by 4%? Seems like her plan makes far more sense.

Carol Klein 4 years ago Member's comment

While agree with most of this, is there any proof that #HillaryClinton sold weapons to terrorists in Libya and that these same terrorists were used to kill Ambassador Stevens? How could that possibly be known?