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Independent Trader is a portal that gives an alternative point of view on economic and finance world. It explains the laws governing money, the global economy and true functioning of financial markets. 

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Goldman Sachs – A Repository Of Corrupted Politicians
Do you remember 2008? The big financial crisis? There was one bank which 'distinguished' itself among others - Goldman Sachs. Well, if you'd ask, the bank is great and just made a new acquisition for its London office - Jose Manuel Barroso.
DIY: How To Destabilise A Continent?
Have you ever wondered how to gain more power? How powerful of this world are bending reality according to their will? If you have enough influence and few million dollars all you need to do is to read the case study.
Clinton Or Trump? Elections With Global Impact - Head To Head Before Debate
Two very vivid candidates - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump - are battling over votes and their vision is very different. Two groups of interest in the background of this election are the military-industrial complex and the financial sector.
1 to 3 of 3 Posts