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How Should We Secure Our Investments?
Over the last few years, the question about in which currency we should invest has been raised regularly. Does the currency in which the asset is denominated have any meaning for us?
Is The Bear Market Coming? Buybacks In The U.S. Are Massively Falling
Companies listed on the stock exchange may reward their shareholders in two main ways: by buying back their shares or by paying dividends.
EC Stock Market In A Good Mood
Recent weeks have brought significant sentiment improvement in equity markets.
Do Huge Buybacks Guarantee Stock Profits?
Over the past dozen months or so, companies in the U.S. have significantly increased their buybacks spending.
How To Use Price To Earnings Ratio
P/E or Price/Earnings is nothing else than the current price of the company shares divided by its Earnings per Share (EPS).
When Will Gold Rise Beyond 1500 USD?
Over the last year, dollar was doing very well, which limited increases in gold prices. However, temporary weakness of the American currency was enough for that metal to immediately rise to its 6-year high.
Central Banks Want To Control Cryptocurrencies
Crypto market has again started raising strong emotions among investors. It is worth noting, however, that ongoing works on the digital currencies implementation into financial system look equally interesting.
Recession At The Gates. What Will The Fed Do?
Over the last week, markets have been moving mainly due to messages of the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve.
CD Projekt - Reasonable Valuation Or The Largest Bubble In Central Europe?
Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) performance over the last several years has not brought anything special to investors. It can be said that it is at a similar level as 10 years ago.
Landscape After EU Elections
Eurosceptic parties have recorded some spectacular victories, but their influence on European Parliament will be limited.
China Crushed By Debt
Over the recent days, financial markets again has been dominated by the ongoing trade war between U.S. and China.
The ECB Comes To Banks' Rescue
The current problems in the Eurozone begun with the introduction of the euro in 2002.
How Will We Get To The New Monetary System?
Over the last three months, we have seen how badly central banks can be wrong about the real economy.
Does The Recession Have To Mean A Bear Market On The Stock Exchange?
With the current involvement of central banks, it is extremely difficult to determine where the markets will be in the next three months.
How To Assess A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)?
Investing in real estate is usually associated with buying, renting and sale of the given property. It is a process that usually requires a lot of time and significant financial outlay.
Is Buffett Wrong About Gold?
If you would ask today 100 random people who in their opinion is the most known investor, probably 70 would mention Warren Buffet, the icon of investing in stocks.
1 to 16 of 37 Posts
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