Clinton V Trump – The Long Awaited Verdict

Only in few days, Americans will choose their new president. In my opinion, this election is one of the most important events in decades. Since Kennedy, you can see that the choice of candidates represented only the interests of the establishment. This time it may be different due to Trump’s promises to limit the dominance of the wealthiest 0.01% part of society. I do not believe he is the ‘saviour’ of the middle-class as he pretends to be. It is rather strategic of him to use growing discontent in the ever divided society. The drastic difference between 90% of American workers and top bracket is the main reason for dissatisfaction.

The chart below shows how big the chasm is between average Joe and S&P 500 workers.

Source: Economic Policy Institute

During the 1978 – 2015 period, the pay of the employee of the biggest corporations skyrocketed from 500 to 1000%. Most Americans barely saw any difference during this 37 year period!

This pay chasm quickly translated into wealth disproportions, see below:

Source: Washington Center for Equitable Growth

As a result of disproportions in earnings, wealth distribution and active attempts to save big banks and conglomerates we see something emerging for the first time since decades. Someone from outside of the establishment who does not represent the interest of said establishment has a chance to win the election.

This situation presents a threat to the power elite and the deep state and naturally the reaction is to discredit and stop non-establishment challenger.

All mainstream media uncritically chose to side with Clinton resembling more of propaganda machines working overtime just like in Third Reich rather than applying the same standards for both presidential nominees. Clinton and Trump are going head to head in this race, but you will not know this from the polls because practically every single one of them tells you that Clinton is leading. These polls are published by so third parties which already made headlines during the referendum in the UK in July when they were unequivocally showing Remain camp as a winner. Soon after Brexit won.

Independently of who wins we should be ready for both scenarios and policies they represent:

Clinton wins

a) Geopolitics:

In case next president of the US will be a Democrat we shall see a dangerous continuation of what we experience today. The US will continue fulfilling their role so characteristic for falling empires: provoke conflicts with potential enemies as long as there is a chance to hold onto the status of the only superpower in the world. The conflict resembles the Cold War - NATO on one side and Russia with China on the other. A destruction of the Middle East will continue.

The war in Syria is about two things. Firstly, it serves a purpose of cutting Russia from the Mediterranean Sea (Russian naval base in Taurus – Syria). Secondly, a takeover of Syria enables the US to build a pipeline from Qatar to Europe pushing aside Russian Gazprom as a monopolistic seller of energy to Europe. This battle will shape future of Europe and will continue until one side decidedly wins.

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Carroll Richard 4 years ago Member's comment

You stated Trump is "unpredictable" and yet you would vote for him and allow him the opportunity to nuke the world back to the stone age...go figure...bottom-line Hillary will make a better president and she gets my vote.

Independent Trader 4 years ago Author's comment

Since you probably haven't read a lot about her from Wikileaks I'd put it this way:

Which candidate has lives on one's consciousness? Heard about Benghazi? Her laughing at getting rapist of a 12-year-old off the hook? Here, it's on CNN:

Trump while being an unknown is better than the obvious path to war with Russia, more Middle East crusades and pushing this country off the cliff when she becomes Obama 2.0.

You give an emotional argument which does not only prove that you will have a hard time backing your assertion with sources but also you apply different standards when you judge both candidates.

Carroll Richard 4 years ago Member's comment

HC didnt do anything wrong re Benghazi,she said she would do things different,but hindsight=20/20...Wikileaks was a Russian attempt to subbvert our election and showed HC was and is a politician no different than any other democrat or republican.

HC never laughed at 12 year old girl and that has been debunked by all the reputable news outlets...not drudge or breitbart,but all the reputable ones say she NEVER laughed at her...and yes I read lots of sources and Trump comes up lacking on every scale of fitness and/or quality.

4 hrs till results come in,we'll see what America thinks...

Independent Trader 4 years ago Author's comment

Carroll Richard Now we know what America thinks.

Independent Trader 4 years ago Author's comment

1. HC didn't send reinforcements to the Ambassador who told her about a violent,developing situation in Benghazi and asked for them. This is a clear negligence on her side that led to deaths of people.

2. Wikileaks show how corrupt political scene in the US has been for years now. Including inside machinations of the DNC. If the emails showing how they cheated on Bernie, gave questions to Clinton before the debate is not unfair to you then I do not think we will agree on basic moral principles.

Don't blame the messenger also, saying that every politician is like this is no excuse, only shows how poor and immoral the candidate is.

3. I gave you CNN report on Youtube. How exactly has this been debunked?

If you are ok to vote for Clinton who is responsible for the death of US Ambassador, cheating on Bernie Sanders, giving away control over 20% of US Uranium deposits to Putin and laughing at a 12-year-old girl being raped- nothing else will change your mind and it's up to you to find peace of mind.

With that being said please do not try to claim high moral ground because it looks ridiculously unprofessional and is false. Also, next time check the stuff you claim twice - watch the video I gave you the link, she is clearly laughing and claims (it's in the case file) that 12-year-old WANTED to be raped.

Own your decision but do not whitewash Clinton because the leaks are not over yet (CGI, Podesta).