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T.J. Hayes is Founder, Chairman and Managing Member of Great Hill Capital, LLC (a long/short equity manager based in New York City).  He started Hedge Fund Tips as a platform to share actionable insights, tips and research for investors/traders to ... more

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The Taylor Swift “Bad Blood” Energy Market (and Sentiment Results)
9 months ago

Thanks Ayelet. Appreciate it!

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AAII Sentiment Survey Results: Know When To Hold ‘Em
1 year ago

I agree, not causal - coincident. But given the premature move, there will have to be continuous noise in the coming weeks to justify the initial action.

Is 3 Quarters Of Negative Earnings Bad News?
1 year ago

Hi Gary. Thanks for your comment. I addressed this point (and the lagged effect of tightening/loosening) in the second to last paragraph. Hope that helps. T.J.

AAII Sentiment Survey Results: Getting Up There…
1 year ago

You're welcome

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