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T.J. Hayes is Founder, Chairman and Managing Member of Great Hill Capital, LLC (a long/short equity manager based in New York City).  He started Hedge Fund Tips as a platform to share actionable insights, tips and research for investors/traders to ... more


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Which Factor Has Earned 1,344,600% Since 1926?
GDP has more than doubled in this region over the past 13 years but you can buy it at 2007 prices. What is it?
VideoCast: Cyclicals, The Election And Buffett
In this week's episode we quantify the impacts of numerous different election outcomes on the stock market moving forward...
Stock Market (and Sentiment Results)…
A review of the stock market and the economy.
Hedge Fund Tips: When It Rains It Pours ...
A new “weapon of mass destruction” is coming (this time it’s good news)...
Videocast: The Drake "Toosie Slide" Stock Market
In this week's Podcast/VideoCast stock market commentary, we cover why the stock market has made limited progress over the past 53 days and economic recovery data.
Hedge Fund Tips - Who Was Really The Dumb Money?
The narrative this week was that Retail Investors got it all wrong. The data tells a different story...
Hedge Fund Tips - The Chase Is On ...
Episode 33. Which stocks outperform coming out of recessions? What happens when the yield curve steepens this quickly? What has to happen for the rally to continue?
The Next Sector Rotation
Five stocks make up ~25% of weighting in the S&P 500. What sectors can step up to fill in the gap moving forward?
HFT VideoCast – Stock Market Commentary And Weekly Recap – Episode 20
This week in the video we discuss the market's wild week, bonds, the OPEC+ debacle, credit spreads, the Coronavirus and more.
Stock Market Commentary For Week Ending February 14th
2020 earnings estimates came down this week. What comes next?
Market Recap And Commentary For The Week Ending Jan. 17, 2020
James Branch Cabell, “The optimist claims we live in the best of all possible worlds, and the pessimist fears this is true.”
Hedge Fund Tips - Stock Market Commentary For The Week Ending Jan. 10
Does the "Hemline Indicator" really work, or is it just an Urban Legend?
Stock Market Commentary - Sunday, Jan. 5
You cannot alleviate poverty without energy.
Hedge Fund Tips - Market Recap And Commentary For The Week Ending Dec. 27
This week we cover the "Grinch and Lynch" stock market and more.
Hedge Fund Tips - Market Recap And Commentary For The Week Ending Dec. 20
This week we discuss hedge fund and Bank of America sentiment for allocations, both bearish and bullish, as well as earnings short term indicators and the greatest value investor you've never heard of.
Hedge Fund Tips And Stock Market Commentary
This week's VideoCast covers billionaires buying energy including Buffett, Icahn, Jerry Jones, Sam Zell, Tom Barrack and sentiment survey results.
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