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The Boredom Before The Storm
6 years ago

I don't think I would use the word "placid" to describe the market - more like "overly managed" - a tightly managed synthetic quality to the market, for pretty much the last four months. the fed will NOT allow the market to accelerate to the downside, AT ALL. The synthetic quality of this extremely tight trading range is nauseating, and further, the only way this will resolve is UP, fed will not allow DOWN - same as China really. Currently the market is only allowed one vix spike monthly to give traders a sliver of hope that a trading market actually exists. Certain stocks, like aapl, are used as tools to stop sell offs, simply watch when a sell off begins, and you ll notice aapl rally straight up green. So "placid" really? Elections? nah, this is the new normal = give folks a sliver of hope but manage this market to death, that is the new normal. Yellen wants to buy equities now - wow, even more tools to manage the "market" - so my question is: When does "the Market" stop being a "Market" and become more of a synthesis of what "the Market " once was? Like china, you can buy, but selling is illegal, till we say so! That seems more like the fed's intentions, so far.

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Fresh Sympathy For Gold And Silver
6 years ago

thanks for all your hard work, very nice article. I am wondering why no one seems to consider the possibility of increased confusion regarding the unintended consequences of the massive scale of automated trading, via algorhythmic trading platforms - the evolution of hft/automated trading on such large scale may be causing many anomalies we now witness in the interrelationships of many traditional markets.

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Third Time Not The Charm
6 years ago

Hey Tim - is is possible that hft/algo trading platforms are evolving so rapidly now that machines trading against machines are pushing the markets higher, just because they can? This Bizarro Market has now, completely flipped earnings into a "bad earnings is good" trading event? Macy's, CMG, AAPL, have horrible earnings and rally to the moon, when FB, and others with stellar earnings reports, spike and are sold off immediately, volatility on calls is crushed on amzn, pcln, and goog? lots of little tricks to crush the few human traders remaining. And lastly and so fun, running the markets sideways for this entire earning season, just to top it off. wow.

Traders Betting Big On Apple Inc. Stock To Rise 36%
6 years ago

What a desperate spin to keep #Apple from tanking on declining iphone sales - 2016 1.30 calls? jeezus - capn cook hard at PR again. These calls will be sold when no one is looking, tomorrow. $AAPL

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Data Group Dilutes Shareholders...Again
6 years ago

and you don't think this is illegal?

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Reader Asks “What Will Happen When Robots Take Our Jobs”
6 years ago

The slowing of the global economy, driven by hyper scale automation has already come, via the internet, computers, and smartphones. The internet and mobile technology/smartphones/tablets have already eliminated thousands of businesses in thousand of markets, and countless jobs.

Further automation thru robotics will only accelerate this global slowing, primarily because robots do not purchase anything, so when a consumer loses a job, businesses lose a consumer. The us job losses are not entirely due to us manufacturing moving offshore, most job losses in the us, and the rest of the world, are mainly caused by automation driven by the internet.

Each successive earnings season bring increasingly bad news, especially important is the disappearing retail revenues and growth, no mystery really, consumers have lower discretionary income, so logically move to online shopping where goods are cheaper -- for a few reasons. Ecommerce companies such as Amazon have lower overhead cost structures, and sell things a lower prices, goods are more easily found and researched online - and there are no car expenses for the consumer - no car travel necessary, meaning auto expenses like repairs, parts, tires, oil, gas, and insurances decrease sharply with shopping trips eliminated. Decreasing Revenues for bricks and mortar retailers are providing proof that online shopping is taking a very heavy toll on our nation's shopping malls, anchor tenants, such as macys, nordstrums, jc penneys, kohls and as the mall foot traffic evaporates, so do smaller mall based businesses, such as food franchises, mall restaurants, and small apparel and accessory chain stores - after that, the real estate itself. so jobs will keep going away as consumers shop online more and more.

Robotics hit manufacturing jobs first, so in China, and many South Asian Countries, millions of factory workers will be fired and then will be unable to consume at the same level as when employed - this phenomenon might be self limiting, since maybe corporates will realize this basic fact, when consumers are unemployed, consumption decreases rapidly - hopefully management will realize this before our global economy hits the tipping point and chaos ensues.

Apple And Tech And The Market, Oh My
6 years ago

Bruce- are you aware that aapl has cut iphone production 30 % going forward, and are you aware that the iphone represents over 60 % of aapl's revenues? if you are aware of both, then how on earth could you possibly think this earnings call will go well? especially forward guidance? cook has pulled every trick in the book in keeping aapl from plunging, and when it did, he sent an email (lies) to jim cramer. also know that the fed traders purchase aapl heavily to help prevent spx plunging when needed. so maybe tim and janet can buy enough aapl to rally wednesday, who knows?

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Stock Consolidation: Which Way Is It Leaning?
6 years ago

Hey Chris - love your work you are appreciated however Your videos need answer questions, not ask - so why not use your vast knowledge and experience to commit to a an actual answer or point of view.

We already have questions.

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The Nerve
7 years ago

Thanks for your hard work and for being so stunningly candid - your posts are always the best. thanks.

Binge And Purge
7 years ago

thanks for your hard work TK - you are appreciated. I believe the market is being driven by the Fed's Agenda, i.e. 1. ignore actual macro data 2. increase "inflation" by fed oil rally 3. increase market valuations - so bottom line, Fed can increase rates as planned. Most Traders like Yourself, do all the research, know all the data & facts, with one big exception - just don't know when the Big Green Stick will strike - the Big Green Stick Factor.

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