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You Would Think
1 month ago

I've been wondering how they would affect things also.  Like if Trump were already found guilty and sitting in jail now, would Nikki Haley be sweeping the primaries?  Or would Trump do even better, because so many of his followers believe he is innocent?  It might make some people vote for him even more.

Reflections On Investing : Stock Prices – For Every Buyer There Is A Seller
1 month ago

But when shorts cover, there are 2 buyers and 1 seller.

Small Caps Join The Party - But Just In Time For A Rotation?
2 months ago

Good vid, thanks.

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Macy’s Shares Soar After Reports Of $5.8b Buyout Offer
4 months ago

 Sooooo with the large Short position that I have in the #2000sSearsAndRoebuck $M is this positive or Negative right now..?!?

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Morgan Stanley Sees A 65% Upside In First Solar Stock
4 months ago

Worked well for few minutes Friday 😂 Bullish

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Will The US Jobs Print On Friday Send Gold Soaring?
4 months ago

Does it really matter, TPTB will slam gold either way.

Cisco Is ‘More Reasonably Priced’ After Q1 Earnings
5 months ago

$CSCO back to $50 Tomorrow? Friday? Next Week?

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PayPal: A Buying Opportunity Or A Value Trap?
6 months ago

Paypal is a question mark.. let’s join us on Novavax to squeeze the Shorts.. FDA approval Market of 56 million doses as booster for covid Approval for the vaccine for malaria this week New CEO A stock destroyed Interesting pipe line with climate change viruses will continue to come and develop.. Public opinion more and more against MRNA vaccines.  $PYPL

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Just Listened To The President Emeritus
7 months ago

How can you say it doesn't matter who rules Russia?  Putin is a despot and villain who has dragged his country into an unwinnable war.

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