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How Well Does Spaghetti Stick?
2 days ago

Make sure to follow up with that responder after the holidays.  Despite people's best intentions, they tend to forget.  Especially this time of year.

Bring Back The Curtain
9 months ago

I stand with Ukraine! My prayers go out to the Ukrainian people.

The Housing Boom Is Not A Bubble
1 year ago

This is missing the newer component impacting prices - investment companies formed to buy houses for cash and pricing individual buyers out of the market. Several hundred thousand houses bought up this year alone. No-lose for them - they intend to rent them out, which by pushing buyers out of the market raises rental demand; and/or they can flip if bubble continues too long.

Caveat Emptor - Are You A WSB 'Useful Idiot'?
1 year ago

I've lost faith in the media.

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Tesla Tells Employees To "Liquidate" Model S, X Inventory Hours After NHTSA Recall
1 year ago

How is Musk still even the CEO after that whole debacle on Twitter and the SEC? Oh yeah, and the public smoking of illegal post!

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A Trade To Hedge A Top In Facebook With A Rebounding Google
2 years ago

Perhaps new, smaller companies are taking advantage of the lack of competition for eyeballs by advertising on Facebook instead.

As long as millions of readers are on Facebook deadly, they'll still be able to attract readers.

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