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Four Hard Truths That Would Have Made You A Successful Forex Trader
4 months ago

I see you have expertise is blockchain and cryptocurrencies. What's your take on the current crypto market?

CSX: Operating Ratio Hit A New Record; Waiting For A Better Entry Point
4 months ago

Impressive. I've added you to my follow list.

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Shale Oil Revolution: The Challenges Ahead
4 months ago

Good read.

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Did New Age Beverage Shareholders Get Duped In The Morinda Transaction?
9 months ago

Very impressed! I followed you to be notified of your next report.

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Lite-Er And Lite-Er
1 year ago

So glad I did not buy into this #crypto craze!

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Believes Bitcoin Is The Future
1 year ago

Normally I would say I wouldn't trust Jack Dorsey's opinions on most things, but he's probably correct about #Bitcoin.

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BiondVax And European UNISEC Consortium To Host Universal Flu Vaccine Conference
2 years ago

Looks good. I recently started following $BVXV

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Reasons To Be Cheerful – There’s Three
2 years ago

But didn't #bitcoin fall by roughly the same amount the day before?

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