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Two Things The "Economists" Do Not Know
6 days ago

That wasn't criticism at all, it was just an observation.

An Hour To Kill
6 days ago

Yes, off course there would be.

An Hour To Kill
7 days ago

Not surprisingly, it brought me to your profile here. But interesting, it also brought up a links to some of your old article here, but linked back to from some pretty respectable sites.  But that was when you focused on more mainstream economic topics.

The Real Minimum Wage Is Always Zero No Matter What Politicians Say
18 days ago

Good points.  Were the drivers happy with the existing setup?  If so (and I assume they were since there were no shortage of drivers), i don't see why politicians had to interefere.  And if #Uber and #Lyft leave the market, then everyone loses.

A Strategic Look At The AI Boom Of 2024
2 months ago

It does seem that AI is all the rage now.

Jesus Of Nazareth
3 months ago

I'm not sure what your obsession with Netanyahu is.  His political days are over after his failure to protect his people from being massacred on October 7th.  However, comparing him to the Nazis who tried to exterminate all the Jews and any one else is found undesirable is both absurd and offensive. 

If Israel wanted to commit genocide against Gaza, they easily could do it - they have one of the strongest armies in the world. Yet every year the Gaza population grows exponentially - the exact opposite of genocide.  In fact, this war would be long over if they did not show so much restraint.

But I'm not sure why I would expect anything different.  Your illogical hatred of, and bias against, Israel is well known. Maybe save some of that hatred for the actual terrorists like Hamas and Hezbollah.

Jesus Of Nazareth
3 months ago

Hard to believe that Bethlehem, the birth place of our Lord, is now in Palestine, a country who voted an evil group of thugs into power, whom only care about murdering and raping innocents.

In China, Quiet Quitting Becomes Let It Rot And Lying Flat
3 months ago

Interesting.  But people need to work to afford food and housing (and yes even lottery tickets).  So I'm not clear how quitting their jobs to "live life" can last very long, withouth an income.

Tired Of The Vibecession
4 months ago

Well done.

A Thursday Morning Sermon-Enlightenment Is Not For Wimps
4 months ago

Never stop praying for world peace.  It may nbot happen in our lifetime, but it will happen one day.

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