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Why J Street Deserves Support
4 months ago

Are you serious?  University Presidents are not being forced to resign for critizing Netanyahu.  They are being rightfully criticized for refusing to say that calling for the genocide of Jews is wrong.  Do YOU think that's okay?  Do you think that creates a safe environment for Jews on college campuses.  

Oh, and only one president resigned, but they all should have for their discraceful congressional hearing, which was lead by a Republican, not a Democrat.  You seem to care nothing for the truth in any of your articles.  You are disassociated from reality.

Silver Preparing For Breakout Higher
4 months ago

Yes please!  Bullish on silver.

Mining Stocks Surge As Bitcoin Breaks Through $30,000
9 months ago

Should retitle IMO since RIOT is not moving at all.

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3 REITs With Very High Dividend Yields
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing, $ORC and $ARR are killer dividend players. Need to check the balance sheet but otherwise these are super investments.

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Elon Musk's Twitter Bid Means Political Risk For Tesla
2 years ago

Political risk doesn't matter.   Extreme Scale and printing money is what matters.

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GM To Invest $3B In Michigan-Based Electric Vehicle Manufacturing
2 years ago

#Tesla can build 3 factories for that price.  $TSLA

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Crackdown Arrives: Interactive Brokers Joins Robinhood, Blocks Buying Of Gamestop, AMC, Others
3 years ago

You can still buy game stop on Webull. $GME

In this article: GME, AMC
US Coronavirus Outlook
3 years ago

Thanks Joseph!

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