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US Coronavirus Outlook
2 months ago

Thanks Joseph!

US Coronavirus Outlook
2 months ago

The first "no peaks" chart looks amazingly like the picture my daughter drew on our wall today. This is my life during the pandemic! Hopefully schools will re-open soon.

Fears Of A Second Wave Emerge In China
5 months ago

No one cares, china potential war, hong kong, virus, inflation, unemployment, 2nd out break. $SPY will just keep gapping up

Still Plenty Of Unknowns Around The Virus
7 months ago

This is very troubling. Does anyone know if such a thing is possible in other viruses? I've never heard of anything like that before. Scary!

US-China Markets Update
11 months ago

Lol, personally I think this guy might be Satoshi - his hat denies it but that just makes it even more likely ;)

Everyone Hates Bitcoin, I Hate Bitcoin, So I Bought Some
1 year ago

Very interesting, I hadn't thought about that.

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The Euro Area’s Economy Has Been Re-Energized
2 years ago

That's a fair answer.

Petro River Oil Corp. (PTRC) – Going Back In Time With Modern Technology
3 years ago

I really liked this line: "New investors are in a unique position where the founders of the company have much more to lose than the investors." That's reassuring. $PTRC

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The Needed Acception Of Cryptocurrency Today
3 years ago

My concern with #DigitalCurrency is that anything is hackable. And when there is no paper trail, you are simply out of luck. That's why I'll never invest in #bitcoin. Look at all those people who lost their #bitcoins when Mt. Gox went under. #Gold and liquid #cash are always a safer investment.

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Chipotle Identifies The Next Big Thing In Fast Casual Food: Burgers, Fries, & Shakes?
4 years ago

Keep in mind, #TastyMade will be a separate brand. Most Americans probably won't connect this new restaurant to #Chipotle or e coli. It's a smart move. $CMG

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