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Independent Investor for over 30 years.  Interested in forex, tech stocks, penny stocks, and pharma/biotech.

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Alliance Global Partners Drops Vuzix Coverage, Says Can't Justify $1B Market Cap
9 months ago

Some people don't know how internet and stocks work. There are companies out there with multi-billion dollar market caps w/ revenues and development nowhere near Vuzix. People were saying the same about #Tesla and look at that now.

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One More For Bill To Consider: 中国特色社会主义
9 months ago

How can you be sure they'll try harder than America?

Chainlink Technical Analysis: LINK Squabbles Under Heavy Selling Pressure, Downswing Targets $16
10 months ago

As Jamie Dimon said, this is all "FUD."

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A Magazine Picture Essay
1 year ago

Why can't I see any pictures here?

Market Briefing For Monday, Oct. 19
1 year ago

Sorrento revealed a detailed 8-K acquisiton after-the-close Friday; it looks like a fair deal that aside the lead candidate pending FDA approval to treat ARDs, has ties to hundreds of hospitals in China (huge market) and will be acretive over time to Sorrento; but is primarily a long-term prospect beyond Covid.

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Bitcoin Is About To Breakout
1 year ago

Glad I listened to you!

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Gold Double Top Alert
1 year ago

With inflation down the corner and a weaker dollar happening now, this ain’t no top.

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A Timely Innovator In The Tennis Industry Is Set To Launch
1 year ago

Thanks Danny, never heard of Slinger Bag before but definitely sounds like a buying opportunity. How high do you think it could go?

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Should Pattern Energy Shareholders Vote Against The Merger?
1 year ago

Taking the money and running sounds like good advice to me! $PEGI

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Silver And The Deep State
2 years ago

Good stuff, Gary.

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