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IPhone 7 Release Date And Waterproof Feature
6 years ago

Depending on how intensive the waterproof feature is, it could be a very valuable feature. Add-on's to your phone to take pictures during underwater activities, such as snorkeling, cost hundreds of dollars.

There's also been a bunch of times where I've accidentally dropped my phone or other electronic items in water. Having this feature would prevent me from having to pay hundreds of dollars for a replacement just because I made a silly mistake.

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The Most Important Article You’ll Ever Read On Investing
6 years ago

Picking individual stocks is essentially gambling. You may see an initial gain but eventually it will be wiped away. So I completely agree with you on using your money to invest in index funds which is a much safer investment strategy.

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Google’s New-Age Tech Set To Shock Auto Market
6 years ago

It's interesting to hear that Google might be doing this to compete with Uber, a company which they invested a large amount of money in. Uber is said to be looking into creating it's own driverless car for the future. Either way, this technology of the future will only help us so the more people working on self-driving cars the better.

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1-800-Flowers In Full Bloom
6 years ago

Hopefully they don't continue their horrible Valentine's day trend. Company can't seem to handle it's biggest day of the year.

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Calacanis: Apple Inc. To Buy Tesla For $75 Billion In 18 Months?
6 years ago

It's an interesting prospect considering Google is making the jump into creating the driverless car:

Creating an eco-friendly driverless car could be right up Apple's alley. However, the main issue is what Bruce stated below me. Apple would not jump into investing that type of money into a brand that continues to hemorrhage money:

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When Pro Players Fritter Away Millions
6 years ago

There's also a really great documentary called "Broke" about how pro athletes throw away their fortunes. It was produced by the exceptional 30 for 30 #ESPN documentary series.

On that note, many athletes seem to have trouble with life after their playing career. What many people don't understand is that the large majority of professional athletes do not get paid enough during their playing careers to sustain them for the rest of their life. If you look at the NFL for example, the average salary is 1.9 million. But if you delve deeper into the facts it is noted that 70% of NFL players are between ages 22 to 27 and that group of players gets paid less then the average salary. By age 27, when the salary for a player starts to increase, a large majority of players are already out of the league. Once a player is no longer playing it seems as if a lot of them haven't prepared themselves for a life after professional sports.

“An Unstoppable Zombie Holiday” – Humanity Shudders As America Exports Black Friday To The World
6 years ago

Completely agree. Some of the best deals even come out the week before black Friday. Why waste your time standing in a zoo of people when you can essentially get the same deals a few days later on cyber Monday. Not only that, but it has also become a hazardous event considering the shooting that happened in Chicago along with other tragedies in past years.

Here Are America's Most Levered Energy Companies
6 years ago

Also, it's okay to be levered if you have great assets and can make money down to 50 dollar oil. $PVA

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Here Are America's Most Levered Energy Companies
6 years ago

$PVA This doesn't really confirm my bias. If a stock that is usually good seems to be way down, debt is usually the factor.

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3 Reasons Why Under Armour Is Growing At An Olympic Pace
7 years ago

Under Armour also made a smart power play move when offering Kevin Durant a gigantic 265-285 million dollar contract offer. While Kevin ultimately decided on Nike again, it was a win-win for them. Either they would attract a star within a sport they have low recognition in or they would force their competitor to pay an absorbent amount to retain their star pupil. All in all, Under Armour is playing it smart and looking like a top notch buy.

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