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The Promising Outlook For Thermal Coal And 3 Companies To Look Out For
Article By: Dilantha De Silva
Wednesday, September 7, 2022 11:01 AM EST
With no slowdown in demand expected soon, investing in coal companies could help investors yield lucrative returns in the future.
In this article: BTU, SILEF, ARCH
That '70s Show Redux
Article By: David Pinsen
Sunday, May 8, 2022 11:06 AM EST
Wall Street's most accurate analyst - BoA's Michael Hartnett - sees a '70s-style oil spike and tech wreck. How we're positioned for it, and why today is worse than the early '70s. 
In this article: BNO, BOIL, BTU, MOS, OIH, RWM, UCO, UNG, USO, TECS
In Case Goldman Sachs Is Right About U.S. Steel
Article By: David Pinsen
Thursday, March 24, 2022 4:25 AM EST
Our system has been bullish on U.S. Steel recently, but Goldman Sachs reiterated its sell rating on the stock this week. How to limit your downside risk in the event they're right.
In this article: BTU, X, TSLA Also: GS
War In Ukraine Causes Coal To Go Parabolic
Article By: David Pinsen
Friday, March 4, 2022 5:50 AM EST
Before the current war in Ukraine, there was already upward pressure on coal, due to a combination of the lockdowns limiting production in 2020 plus a misguided focus renewable energy.
In this article: BTU, CLF, UCO Also: TSLA
It Turns Out The World Still Needs Coal
Article By: David Pinsen
Tuesday, October 19, 2021 5:37 AM EST
Peabody Energy (BTU), whose shares spiked 23% on Monday after the company announced that its coal revenue in Q3 would be the highest in seven quarters and it offered bullish forward guidance. 
In this article: BTU Also: BOIL, GNRC, GPRE, OSTK, SAVA

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