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Cat Herders In The Oil Patch - Financial Review
4 years ago


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Why Oil Can’t Provide ‘Deep Value’
4 years ago

Interesting ideas.

M-M-M-My Kuroda: What The BOJ Is Up To
4 years ago

Nice comment thread, thanks.

Amazon Earnings Miss, Blown Up A/H
4 years ago

Unfortunately, companies are often punished for telling the truth.

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What Exactly Is The Fed Thinking? Avoid Catching Falling Knives
4 years ago

You make an excellent point. That being said, I like a good bet, especially when I can improve my odds with some good intel.

Young Brains, Money And Risk
4 years ago

Really enjoy your article.

Can Lower Oil Prices Cause A Recession?
4 years ago

Well said.

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Intel Processors: The Choice Of Apple And Hackintosh Computer Builders
4 years ago

I have to agree, just followed you ;-)

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