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Stock Market Predictions: 4 Stocks To Watch In 2023
7 days ago

Worth the time to read - highly recommended.

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Why Are So Many Americans Oblivious To The Pervasive Evil That Is Upon Us, Or Cowed By It?
10 days ago

That's unforunate.  But it's because Trump supporters like Fuentes, Ye, and Trump In 2024, giive us a bad name. I voted for Trump twice, but I no longer want to be associated with people like that.  And such people are starting to get voted into office and are moving into mainstream. I don't want to live in an America liike that. People with those beliefs should receede back into the fringes of society where they belong.

Why Are So Many Americans Oblivious To The Pervasive Evil That Is Upon Us, Or Cowed By It?
10 days ago

Agreed.  It's time to move past Trump and all the nonsense surrounding him. It's a distraction from what needs  to be done to fix American and get us back on the right track.  Plus his demands for personal loyalty over party and country is problematic.  That's not how America operates.  Dems and the GOP need to start remembering how to work across the aisle to get things done and get America moving forward again (hopefully with a Republican administration, but that's just my personal opinion - I'll respect whomever wins and connsider him my president).

$22 “It’s Pronounced Nucular"
16 days ago

Patience is a virtue when it comes to these kinds of stocks.

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SOBRSafe: A Very Favorable Risk/Reward Play
17 days ago

I agree, the upside for $SOBR looks quite attractive.

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Ammo, Inc. Cancels Its Planned Split Into Two Companies And Reaches Agreement With The Urvan Group
28 days ago

I don't believe this is correct about $POWW.  I believe the split is merely suspended, not canceled:

“Further, given market conditions and shareholder feedback, the Company will suspend the separation of its ammunition and marketplace businesses into two independent publicly traded companies.”

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What Role Do Retail Sales Play In Forex Trading?
28 days ago

Pretty basiic.  What do you think of the actual forex markets right now?

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Have American Voters Indicted The GOP?
29 days ago

Many of us began as Republicans, and are enraged by how our former party has become so radicalized.  Never thought I'd root for so many Republicans to lose. But I need to in order to preserve our democracy.  There is no place for election deniers in positions of power.

A Crippling Shortage Of Diesel Fuel Threatens To Devastate Western Economies In 2023
1 month ago

Yes, but still reserves are very low since so many domestic refineries were shut down during Covid, and since we no longer import the 700,0000 barrels per day from Russia that we used to.

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