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Market Briefing For Wednesday, May 29, 2022
Article By: Gene Inger
Wednesday, June 29, 2022 3:18 AM EDT
Market turbulence was front-and-center on Tuesday, with headwinds from the economy, particularly the semiconductor sector.
In this article: AMD, PFE, AAPL, QCOM, TSLA
Pfizer To Provide Not-for-Profit Access To Medicines, Vaccines To Low Income Countries
Article By: ESG Today
Wednesday, May 25, 2022 7:20 AM EDT
Pfizer announced today the launch of ‘An Accord for a Healthier World,’ a new initiative aimed at providing all of the company’s medicines and vaccines available in the U.S. and EU on a not-for-profit basis to people in low-income countries.
In this article: PFE
These Are The Top Ten Stocks Popular Among Hedge Funds
Article By: ValueWalk
Sunday, May 8, 2022 2:44 PM EDT
Hedge funds are known to be smart investors, and there is always something intriguing about knowing the stocks that the “smart money” is betting on.
In this article: FIS, GM, PFE, V, AMZN, BABA, FB, ZEN, UBER, ASAN
Pfizer (PFE) Q1 Earnings And Revenues Miss Estimates
Article By: Zacks Investment Research
Tuesday, May 3, 2022 9:10 AM EDT
Pfizer came out with quarterly earnings of $1.62 per share.
In this article: PFE
Vaccine Makers Continue To Post Big Stock Price Gains
Article By: InvestorsAlley
Thursday, March 17, 2022 8:29 AM EDT
As Barron’s reports: “According to a data tracker from the New York Times, the daily average number of new cases in China is up more than 450% over the past two weeks.”
In this article: PFE, MRNA, BNTX

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Is Pfizer The Best Mega Cap?
Ayelet Wolf 12/23/2021 12:29:42 AM

As long as Covid is here to stay, you can't go wrong with $PFE. Looks like we might need #Pfizer's shots forever.  They are now giving out a 4th shot in Israel!

Piper Boosts Moderna Target To $166 After 'Impressive' Vaccine Response
Adam Reynolds 11/18/2020 3:20:52 AM

Right! I think $PFE will be fine! FDA approval soon! The world will need all vaccines.

Piper Boosts Moderna Target To $166 After 'Impressive' Vaccine Response
Adam Reynolds 11/18/2020 3:14:32 AM

Why didn’t $PFE get any boosts?

A Chance For Normalcy
Anne Barry 11/17/2020 12:05:36 AM

Now it looks like #Moderna's vaccine is even better than #Pfizer's. Every day we are one step closer to being free again! $MRNA $PFE

Piper Boosts Moderna Target To $166 After 'Impressive' Vaccine Response
Alexa Graham 11/16/2020 6:42:45 PM

Sounds much better than Pfizer? I suspect $PFE will drop now.

Is There A Light At The End Of The Tunnel For A COVID-19 Therapeutic?
Susan Johnson 11/16/2020 1:49:35 PM

Wouldn't a better bet be investing in a company that's making good progress on a vaccine like Pfizer or Moderna? $PFE $MRNA?

Terrible Thursday
Ayelet Wolf 11/14/2020 9:06:29 PM

I read an article that said Israel already purchased 8 million doses of the #Pfizer vaccine and plans to start using them to inoculate the population in January. Can countries start using it without knowing how safe it is? $PFE

5 Leading Healthcare Stocks Surging On Pent-up Demand
Craig Newman 11/10/2020 2:44:59 AM

Seems health stocks should do well but a #Biden presidency will not favor this sector. $ABBV $PFE

Daily Stock Analysis: Pfizer
Carl Schwartz 10/11/2020 2:55:12 AM

$PFE is always a pretty safe bet in my book.

The $1.95 Billion Deal With Pfizer For a COVID-19 Vaccine That Likely Won't Exist
Thomas Werner 8/12/2020 2:22:21 PM

@[Ziad K. Abdelnour](user:18121), are you sure this deal is with Pfizer? I was pretty sure that I read that the deal was actually with Moderna. Or is the government hedging its bets and cutting deals with everyone? $MRNA $PFE

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