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The Biggest Misstep Of 2021
7 months ago

Really interesting article that addresses a lot of problems I wasn't aware of. But none of these sound like there are real options available to solve those problems.

Trump Begins His Triumphant Return To The White House
8 months ago

It's not so clear cut. Trump has alienated millions of voters who might otherwise have voted for the GOP. But he's also brought millions of new voters into the fold. Yes, many of those are nut jobs who believe it's okay to overthrow the government if they don't get their way, or that Covid is a hoax, but there are nut jobs on both sides of the aisle.

The question is, has Trump attracted more voters than he's pushed away? I'm not sure. And if Trump disappeared tomorrow, how many of his new supporters would simply not vote, vs. still vote for a different GOP candidate? I suspect most would still vote for a GOP candidate as the lesser of two evils.

Steer Clear Of These 3 Electric Vehicle Stocks
11 months ago

Never a good idea to rate things based solely on SP performance, especially with stocks that spike to 32 out of total hype and Using that 52-week high to compare and evaluate current SP without looking at what’s transpired before, during and current is quite an incomplete and ignorant assessment.

Ignoring the 137% revenue increase Q3 2020 over Q3 2019, roll out of two new solid state lidar sensors and their effect on increased market presence and dominance, long term contracts with Baidu and local motors, new partnerships with ford, robo-taxi and final mile market own since no others present..

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Global Vaccine Market At A Glance
1 year ago

What are the odds any of these companies will actually be able to manufacturer a vaccine?

Did New Age Beverage Shareholders Get Duped In The Morinda Transaction?
2 years ago

Yes, this article is incredibly damning, if true. Can anyone who knows Chinese confirm that these translations are accurate?

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Wall Street Has Not Been This Wrong Since 2008
2 years ago

That was yesterday. Today there was a huge plunge. Worst sicne the depression!

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AmeriGas For Power, Pep, & Portability
3 years ago

This does sounds tempting. Going to take a deeper look at $APU.

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The Fundamentals Of A Bull Market
3 years ago

Gary, while a fan of your work, in this case you sound like Bill Gates back when he infamously said that PCs will never need more than 640k ram. Or how computers would never be small enough to take up less than a full room. Yes AI is limited now, but like all technology, it will continue to get more and more advanced as time goes on.

Longfin: The Bizarre Crypto-Stock Story That Reached Astounding Extremes
3 years ago

Crazy. Sounds like a scam or close to one.

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