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To Wear Or Not To Wear: That’s The Question With These Stupid Covid Masks
6 months ago

COVID-19 is not airborne, it is spread with droplets. So your images, while they are certainly humorous and are good for a good chuckle, don't apply.

Big Trouble For The Big Three U.S. Oil Companies: Financial Disaster In Its Domestic Oil & Gas Sector
8 months ago

So if oil stays at 10 19 or 25 yes $XOM is in trouble. But no one thinks $WTI will be that low for long. #Oil is trading mid 30s right now and if it trades above 40 in the upcoming weeks. XOM and its dividend will be just fine.

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Posen And Cramer On Trade Wars And Cold Wars
2 years ago

"First Republicans need to stand up for free trade and a balanced budget." - Yes!

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Weighing The Week Ahead: Will Inflation Data Spark Another Leg Down?
2 years ago

No I think the whole inflation thing was blow hards grasping at straws. We go up!

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