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Tesla Continues Slide In Premarket After HSBC Sets $146 PT
3 months ago

HSBC shorted heavy $TSLA.. they will Learn their lesson soon. Bullish

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3 High-Dividend Stocks To Buy Now
1 year ago

Good picks.

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7 Reasons Why SurgePays Is Going To Surge
1 year ago

I'm sold.  Count me in.

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Top Picks For 2023: Celsius Holdings
1 year ago

Any investor would be ecstatic if #Celsius' investment return was anywhere near #MonsterBeverage's over the past 20 years. $MNST has soared a whopping 115,065% over last 20 years. You may want to energize your growth stock portfolio with $CELH.

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$22 “It’s Pronounced Nucular"
1 year ago

I go nuclear for nuclear stocks!

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A Paradigm Shift In Healthcare Produces A Big Market Opportunity
1 year ago

Going to pick me up  some $DRIO.  Thanks.

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The “Fed Talk” Stock Market (And Sentiment Results)
1 year ago

The 8-dollar PT report DOES NOT FACTOR IN NEW BUSINESS. The attached screenshot of my email is what you call REAL RESEARCH... What happens when SMFL gets into Costco USA? The company is already in Costco Canada. What happens if the FDA/ $PG / or Congress asks SMFL for manufacturing of Baby Formula or Milk Dust? What happens if there is a great endorsement by The Rock? An Olympian? Elon Musk (Baby Formula advocate). What happens if SMFL gets on Alibaba $BABA, they are already on Amazon in Shanghai, chosen by Amazon.

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Making A Splash: Small Portfolio Company With Big Potential
1 year ago

Nicely done article.  Seems like there's tremendous potential with $SBEV. Glad to see that the company is doing well under CEO Robert Nistico's leadership.

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Microsoft Looks Cheap Now With Attractive Option Income Plays
1 year ago

Nah, long way to go still

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Bion Environmental Technologies Turns Waste Into Marketable Products
1 year ago

Very thorough and impressive.

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