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Cornerstone Building Brands - Chart Of The Day
2 years ago

What's your thoughts on how the political environment and violence in the streets will impact the overall value of the stock market?

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Dropbox: Growth At A Reasonable Price Or Value Trap
2 years ago

Very interesting, thank you.

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Three Things I Think I Think – This Might Make You Mad
4 years ago

I will never understand the madness behind the #WeWork valuation. It's simply insane.

Handicapping The Q2 2019 Earnings Season
4 years ago

Great read.

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Dick's Sporting Goods: A Value Story
4 years ago

Good read.

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Sentiment Snapshot: A Fundamental Transition Point
4 years ago

Congrats on the Editor's Choice. It is well deserved.

Stem Holdings: Getting In On Marijuana's Ground Floor
4 years ago

Good article. The lack of regulation has turned me off from #cryptocurrencies as well. I too think #cannabis investing will be the next hot trend. But unlike the uncertainty surrounding cryptos, it is far more likely to pay off. I will take a closer look at $STMH.

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