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Ranked: The Largest Gold Reserves, By Country
4 months ago

Sadly the US gold reserves might be imaginary as the US has sold alot of gold like the UKz and the US still refuses to show the gold at Fort Knox. However BRICS and ASEAN countries are buying gold like there is no tomorrow. That said a lot of gold did go from Iraq and Afghanistan to the US when they were invaded.

War In Israel Spurs Flight To Dollars, Yen And Gold, While Driving Up The Price Of Oil
8 months ago

No suprises here.  This is to be expected and happens with most wars.

No One Ever Claimed
9 months ago

In the navy don't you have to respond to orders even if you don't respect the person above you too?  Even more so, I'd think.

The Top Secret File "el Trumpo" Did Not See
9 months ago

Interesting.  Never heard about this before.

Tony Bennett
11 months ago

RIP Tony.  And yes American needs a lot of healing.  We are stronger together than apart.

Game Over, Man
3 years ago

The $GME fiasco has been making my head spin. On the one hand, the stock keeps going up and I want to jump on the band wagon. But there is a reason these stocks were shortened - the financials simply don't support these prices and it won't last. Honestly, I don't know if some of these companies will even survive the pandemic without filing for chapter 11.

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Zoom: Victim Of The Cure
3 years ago

While #Zoom will never be as large again post-Covid, as it was during, it's certainly going to be a hell of a lot better than pre-Covid. $ZM

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Lands' End - Chart Of The Day
3 years ago

What's your take on how the election uncertainty will impact the markets? Trump's refusal to concede, etc.

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Cash Bans Coming To Your Town Next: 3 Stocks Driving The Trend
3 years ago

Good thoughts.

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