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Precious Metals Report For Monday, Mar. 15
Alexandra Gray 3/16/2021 11:41:26 AM

Ouch, why not just ask? Say, hey, Ira Epstein what do you think about the future of #gold?

Signs Of A Bottom In Gold And Silver Prices
George Lipton 3/9/2021 12:53:05 AM

There is no bottom for #gold and #silver, until they hit zero. Worthless metals it would seem.

Well This Looks Disturbingly Familiar
Linda Willis 2/28/2021 3:50:31 AM

#Gold has diverged heavily.

Did Buffett Just Bet Against The US? Berkshire Buys Barrick Gold, Dumps Goldman
Dave R. Johnson 8/18/2020 1:45:22 AM

This is the problem with the flawed human condition. Everyone wants fear and BS pushed more than they want simple facts.

Buffet holds 80B+ in $AAPL, 50B+ in financials, buys back billions in $BRK-B stocks and the only head line click bait shit is.....

"Is Buffett betting against the US"....

Because hey buys 600Mil in #GOLD??? Serious!!!! Honestly this stuff should be illegal and people should pay penalties/fines for doing it.

This is why humans fail!!!

Yellow Metal Will Shine Like A Sun
Linda Willis 8/4/2020 5:47:59 PM

Wow! Go #Gold!

Gold & Silver Measured Moves
Barry Glassman 7/14/2020 1:15:55 PM

Which country is the largest hoarder of #gold? China?

Stocks Could Bounce But Better Buy At Lower Levels
Linda Willis 7/6/2020 9:54:07 PM

Move into safe haven assets like #gold. They always do well in times of uncertainty!

Is Gold An Economic Accelerator?
Linda Willis 7/5/2020 9:03:40 PM

No I don't either. If anything I think #gold is an excellent safe haven during all times of uncertainty, including right now.

Is Gold An Economic Accelerator?
Linda Willis 7/1/2020 11:53:18 PM

Good article. How do you feel about #gold with everything that's been going lately?

Another Stock Market Selloff Could Drive More Bullion Buying
Wall Street Wiz 5/5/2020 1:10:28 PM

True, I definitely think that there’s gonna be another downturn and hopefully #gold and #silver will shoot up with all the QE caused inflation

The Oil Futures Crash Is A Warning To Gold Speculators
Dick Kaplan 4/27/2020 9:43:50 PM

Not related at all. Demand for #gold is going up while demand for #oil plummets.

Why Are Gold Prices Struggling While Equities And Bond Yields Are Tumbling?
Backyard Hiker 3/12/2020 11:39:39 AM

I would think that in days of #COVID19, people would be flocking to #gold.

Weighing the Week Ahead: Coronavirus – Cause for Analysis or Paralysis?
David M. Goldstein 2/2/2020 9:17:35 PM

Agreed. it's time to invest in a safe haven like #gold!

Silver Trade Idea For Tuesday, Jan 14
Linda Willis 1/14/2020 8:11:52 PM

I think #Gold is the way to go during these dangerous times.

The US Economy - All Roads Lead To Gold
Alpha Stockman 11/19/2019 6:21:15 PM

Gotta love #gold!

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