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Gold, Silver Price Late Night Reaction To Middle East News
Frank Underwood 4/20/2024 8:40:45 PM

Too little movement too late. #Bitcoin would have capitulated but the manipulators did not allow #gold and #silver to move.

Gold Is The Next Bitcoin; It Could Skyrocket
Dan Jackson 3/28/2024 5:12:40 AM

#Gold is nothing more than a solid long hold. Just like Bitcoin. I've owned physical gold for years and have seen little returns. Plus, I still have to go through the hassle of finding someone to buy it, going to sell it, and then getting my money. Hassle if you ask me.

The Commodities Feed: Gold Breaks Below $2,000
Linda Willis 2/14/2024 9:33:59 AM

Nope. Its not under 2k. Bullish on #gold.

Gold Is Setting Up For The First Buying Opportunity
Linda Willis 4/19/2023 3:08:45 PM

Yes,  looking good for #gold.

Keep Calm And Stay On The Short Side Of Junior Miners
David M. Goldstein 6/8/2022 12:30:41 AM

I don't agree. Charts are not the only tool here, for example world events and macroeconomics. And certainly not in this market unless you are doing an oversold swing. #Gold will explode by the end of this month!  

Where Is Gold Going From Here?
Linda Willis 6/3/2022 2:48:59 PM

Can we count that high :)  Bullish on #gold!

Crypto Needs To Solve The Stablecoin Problem
Leslie Miriam 5/22/2022 9:15:13 AM

Back it with #GOLD, that’s how. $AABBG.X

Gold Price Rebound Vulnerable To Slowdown In US Consumer Prices
Linda Willis 5/8/2022 10:27:36 AM

Interesting take, but IMO, metals with greater industrial application are more vulnerable. Look at past years when we experienced double digit inflation and how #gold performed. On average MUCH better than equities. So why will this time be different?

USD Shrugs Off Ugly GDP Data
Craig Richards 4/28/2022 9:20:08 PM

They are manipulating the #gold price to hurt the Russian's and their Ruble gold standard. Problem is they are collapsing everyone else's fiat currency in the process!

Why Gold is not Your Productive Asset
Mike Nolan 3/2/2022 4:33:55 PM

Wow, #gold and #silver may soon be the only thing I'll accept for payment for my goods.

Gold Could Attract Sellers As Fed Meeting Looms
Linda Willis 1/28/2022 12:05:20 PM

With Omicron and Ukraine woes looming, I plan to buy more #gold - the ultimate safe haven.

JP Morgan Forecasts Lower Silver Price In 2022
Christine David 12/26/2021 9:01:36 PM

I think #Silver and #Gold will go up with Basel III.

When Will Commodity Inflation Help Gold?
Andrew Armstrong 10/15/2021 8:30:29 AM

Gold markets rallied significantly on Wednesday, breaking through several resistance barriers in one fell swoop. Many Americans can’t afford 1 ounce #gold coins let alone all of them. 

Larger Deficits Mean Higher Inflation
Linda Willis 8/19/2021 3:42:16 AM

#Gold has been the same price for 10 years… actually not a hedge against inflation at all… you lost 10 years of purchasing power. I see gold going to 1500 by this years end as more of that market cap will be going to #bitcoin.

Inflation Soars, Powell Remains Unmoved. What About Gold?
Adam Reynolds 7/15/2021 8:57:17 PM

#Gold tanks too! Because logic doesn’t apply here.

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