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Don't Dismiss Warren Buffett
Look at the state of the airlines and tell me that Buffett wasn't prescient in dumping them.
Liar, Liar
The number of jobless rose by 1.5 million and 20.5 million people collected jobless benefits, both higher than consensus forecasts.
E Stocks Are Jumping
Between the (pre-adjusted) jobs report here and a declining dollar abroad, our stocks had a good week.
E Dollarization
The dollar is suffering over riots and the near-racist comments of our President. But in fact, he wants a cheaper greenback to boost sales outside the USA.
E Monday Challenge - Stock Market Commentary
Yesterday the NYSE floor reopened which boosted stocks and spirits.
E Corona
Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway by some measures lost nearly $50 bn in Q1. I think there is a lesson in that. Buffett has always done well by buying when others are too fearful to do so. It may not work this time. He sold all his airline shares.
E Markets Down - Where To Invest Now
Markets are down because the perennial optimist President Trump now fears there will be many US deaths after all. This chopped the US opening for Q2. He also finally agreed to do some classic pump priming using infrastructure investment.
E The Sell-Off Reversal?
Uncle Sam may wind up owning a chunk of our country's airlines in return for bailing them out. That probably means low ball prices will not return soon, making my globe-trotting research costlier.
E Tuesday's Child Is Full Of Grace
We are seeing smart moves from corporations worldwide which are cutting their longer-term operations to focus on current necessities. Some firms are cutting their dividends to keep cash on hand for short terms needs.
E Ten Plagues
As of Friday, most markets are continuing their downturn over the plague of Covid-19 as new large and small outbreaks hit in more countries. There are locusts devouring east African crops. California and Australia suffered hail and firestorms.
Diagnosis And Cure Of Cancer
A global group has just completed a comprehensive dataset of all cancer genomes, which will greatly improve diagnosis and treatment.
E Back In Red Ink
It's a terrible Thursday with so much uncertainty in the air. Between the Coronavirus, the Trump impeachment, and which Democrat will be a presidential contender, it can be harder than ever to find the right stocks to buy. But I'm here to help...
E Martin Luther King Day Stock Reports
A very strong currency today was the Japanese yen, a reaction to the slow-down in China's growth to barely over 6% and the mounting worries about the latest coronavirus from Wuhan.
Fintech Cyber Attacks
It now appears that cyberattacks were responsible for shut downs of major marketplaces during the late summer of last year.
E Dogs Of War
Unleashing the dogs of war has led to commodity price rises, not just for the most-watched oil prices, but also for copper, palladium, platinum, and the barbaric relic, gold, along with non-relic bitcoin.
E Good News Bad News Day
Sweden has been the first country to exit negative interest rates despite a long tradition of using them to cool off the economy. This may spread and hurt the US.
1 to 16 of 514 Posts
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