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E Heavy News Day
US job losses were up 744,000 vs a forecast of 694,000.
E Weak Markets - Yom HaShoah
Today the Biden Administration revealed its planned changes in the corporate tax code.
E Britain Is Back
England is going to reopen earlier than expected thanks to the speedy rollout of Covid-19 inoculation.
E Easter Monday
With so many foreign markets closed, the boom was biggest for USA large caps. But there was enough fringe movement elsewhere as well.
E Heavy Day
Foreign stocks were generally higher after Bottomline said they were better buys than US shares.
E Busy Tuesday
Pipeline giant Kinder Morgan plans to expand its carbon-capture business, joining the ranks of major oil and gas companies capitalizing on clean energy investing.
E High Tide
The huge container ship blocking the Suez Canal was freed today. This somewhat reduced the up move of Chinese exporter shares
E This Weekend Is Different From All Other Weekends
Friday's February US personal income beat having lost only 7.1%. whereas the forecast was -7.3%.
E Supermarket
Markets are still in thrall to SPACs and Cathie Wood.
E Virus Nationalism
AZN is being hauled over the coals for using out-of-date data to get permissions for sales in the US.
E One Year Anniversary Of The COVID-19 Bull Market
Stock markets celebrated the anniversary of the start of the COVID-19 bull market a year ago by falling across the board.
E Stock Market Review
Higher oil prices make electric vehicles more sellable.
E Carbon Capture
While foreign markets are up, US markets again are mostly down because the Fed is not extending its decision last year to lower capitalization ratio permission.
E Markets Are Spooked
The number of new filed jobless claims last week was 770,000, 10% over the forecast. The threat is stagflation, the worst of all possible outcomes. 
E St. Patrick's Day And Iceland
The markets fluctuate a lot. One reason is the new money being tossed into the market by recipients of stimulus checks.
E Mixed Day
Today retail sales numbers for Feb. came in down 3% while forecasts were of only a drop of 0.5%.
1 to 16 of 684 Posts
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