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“Not QE” Puts Fed Between A “Rock And A Hard Place”
The “moral hazard” the Fed created in the first place has now come home to roost.
Bear Stearns’s Failure Was 15-Years Ago This Month
The market has rallied this week largely on the heels of the Silicon Valley Bank situation not spiraling out of control. History would suggest that this rally could continue for several weeks, if not a month or two.
Consensus View Of “No Recession”; Could It Be Wrong?
While the technical backdrop continues to confirm and reaffirm a bullish trend supporting the “no recession” scenario, there remain substantial risks to that view.
Bank Runs; The First Sign The Fed “Broke Something”
With the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, questions of potential “bank runs” spread among regional banks.
Buffett On Buybacks
Warren Buffett defended stock buybacks in Berkshire Hathaway’s annual letter, pushing back on those railing against the practice he believes benefits all shareholders.
Bear Trap? Market Holds Critical Support
Is the recent correction a “bear trap?” Or is the bounce just a selling opportunity for a return of the bear market?


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We’re Not In Kansas Anymore
1 year ago

David Robertson's point, the author of the article, is that the CARRY REGIME ends from a rise of inflation.

Biden’s Stimulus Will Cut Poverty By 40% – For One Year
2 years ago

You must have skimmed the article for the quotes. Because if you read it...the next sentence after Keynes quote was -

However, the Federal Government is not one of these charities, and throwing money at the problem does more harm than good in the long-term.

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Latest Posts
Market Pullback Or Bear Market
The hope is that the Fed can navigate tightening monetary policy and increasing interest rates without creating “financial instability.” 
Inflation Is Rampant But Fed Dismisses It
Inflation is rampant but the Fed dismisses it. Year-over-year home prices are up 11.2%, some cities even more. The Fed does not see this, or count it, if they do. Let’s discuss why.
Shedlock: 62-Million People Had No Pay Last Week
Over 62 million not-retired people had no pay last week. Nearly 100 million people reported no pay in the reference week. Of those, 37,744,514 had retired.

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