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Chief Investment Strategist / Chief Economist of RIA Advisors

Lance Roberts is the Chief Investment Strategist, Chief Economist and member of the investment committee for RIA Advisors. His primary focuses are macro trends, financial, fundamental and technical analysis of the markets and equities, credit ... more


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Interview With Daniel Lacalle: Markets Are Pricing Massive Expansion
I join Daniel Lacalle to discuss why markets are mistaken in pricing in a “massive” economic expansion. We unpack many of the mainstream myths on narratives driving markets and why outcomes will be no different than in the past. 
MoneyShow: Investing When Markets Detach From The Economy
Given that corporations derive their revenue from economic activity, how do you invest when the economy is detached from the economy?
Policies Over Politics: Investing For The Election
As we near the 2020 Presidential election, rhetoric from both sides is ramping up. Depending on your personal “echo chamber” of social media, you are likely confident why your candidate is the best choice, and the opposition is the worst.
MacroView: 2020 Market & Investment Outlook
Currently, the bullish exuberance, extreme complacency, and technical deviations are issuing warning signs which investors should not readily dismiss.
Why Another 50% Correction Is Possible
The biggest risk to investors currently is the magnitude of the next retracement.
Investing - Safety, Liquidity Or Return?
A discussion on the three components of any investment – safety, liquidity or return. Importantly, as an investor, you can only have 2 of 3 components at any given time.
Why You're So Bad At Investing
The three biggest deterrents to investment success for most individuals over time are fees, lack of capital to invest and human psychology.
Valuations Matter – Even For Millennials
The valuation levels when you start investing, have everything to do with the ultimate outcomes.
Thoughts On Long-Term Investing
Investing is about discipline and patience.
Bonds Vs. Bond Funds
Should you buy individual bonds or bond funds? Which is right for you?
EC Market Bounces, Now What?
Remember, as investors, our job is not to try and capture every single relative point gain of the market as it rises. While we certainly want to participate in the rise, our JOB is to protect our capital against substantial losses in the future.
The Dynamics Of The Market Have Changed
Last week, my dear friends at Fox26 Houston, Melissa Wilson and Tom Zizka, shared a few minutes with me to discuss the plunge in the markets, the drop in oil prices and how big of a correction there could be.
EC Interview: Bad Start For Stocks
Following Monday’s sell-off, the markets were unable to gain any traction yesterday. The lack of a rebound suggests that market dynamics still remain extremely weak.
Market Crash And The China Syndrome
I spent a few minutes with my friends Melissa Wilson and Tom Zizka at Fox 26 Houston earlier this week discussing the issues surrounding the crash in the Dow on Monday and what investors should be doing now.
Why The Fed Won't Raise Rates This Year
I spent a few minutes with my friends at Fox 26 Houston yesterday discussing the FOMC's recent two day meeting and why the Fed will not raise interest rates this year.
7 Deadly Credit Sins
I recently wrote an article entitled the "7 Deadly Investing Sins"which discussed the seven biblical sins of greed, sloth, gluttony, envy, wrath, pride and lust.
1 to 16 of 16 Posts