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Lance Roberts is the Chief Investment Strategist, Chief Economist and member of the investment committee for RIA Advisors. His primary focuses are macro trends, financial, fundamental and technical analysis of the markets and equities, credit ... more


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Technically Speaking: Topping Patterns Popping Up Everywhere
Nobody ever went broke taking profits. While keeping your capital intact is hard, making up lost capital is even more challenging.
Sugar Rush! Why The Economy Will Run Hot, Then Crash
The expected “sugar rush” from more stimulus is why the economy will “run hot” then crash. 
Powell Changes The Rules On QE
The markets took a tumble to start this week as rising interest rates and inflationary pressures begin to weigh on outlooks. Those worries quickly diminished as Jerome Powell changed the rules to reassure Wall Street that “QE” is here to stay.
Technically Speaking: Blowing Up The “Everything Bubble”
The flood of liquidity and ultra-accommodative monetary policies has simultaneously inflated multiple bubbles. Stocks, bonds, real estate, and speculative investments have all experienced historic inflations.
EC The Only Reason To Be “Bearish” Is “No One Is Bearish”
More than 90% of investors believe the economy will be more robust in 2021, with a consensus it’s a V-shape recovery.
Will The Economy Replace Ten Million Jobs By 2022?
Popular forecasts call for a return to pre-pandemic levels of employment and economic activity by yearend. Really? We are not so sure. The economy lost over 22M jobs between February 2020 and today.
The Markets May Be Starting To Worry About Rates
While the money flow itself remains positive, “sell signals” continue to suggest downward pressure on prices currently. Given the more extreme overbought and bullish conditions, there is a risk of a deeper correction over the next few weeks.
EC The Two Pins That Will Pop The Stock Market Bubble
The problem for the market going forward is that markets have priced in a speedy recovery back to pre-recession norms, no secondary outbreak of the virus, and a vaccine.
Eric Hickman: 4th-Wave Of COVID-19 Will Push Rates To Zero
I know everyone is tired of hearing about the virus. Some think it is overblown by the media, many want to focus on the positives, and others have had their lives upended and want to forget.
Technically Speaking: Howard Marks On Speculative Manias
Too little skepticism and too much eagerness in an up-market – just like too much resistance and pessimism in a down-market – can be very bad for investment results.
Powell Is Wrong. More Stimulus Won’t Create Employment
While Powell hopes that more stimulus will create an environment where more companies will hire, they will only do so when demand is growing organically.
Speculative Mania Continues As It “Goes Up In Smoke”
With the money flow signals still positive, the overall bias to the market remains bullish for now. Speculation remains rampant, and many indicators from relative strength to participation suggest another correction in March or early April.
Why Stimulus Doesn’t Lead To Organic Growth
There is a growing consensus in Washington the only way to fix the worst economic downturn in more than 70 years is by giving out more free money. 
David Robertson: Millennials Are Mad As Hell.
The Occupy Wall Street movement that emerged in the financial crisis of 2008 was interesting because a general sense of discontent seemed to merge. Also interesting was the lack of consensus as to the causes of dissatisfaction.
Technically Speaking: COT – Dollar & Rates Issue A Warning
In today’s market, the majority of investors are simply chasing performance. Ultimately, investing is about managing the risks that will substantially reduce your ability to “stay in the game long enough” to “win.”
EC Extraordinary Popular Delusions & The Madness Of Crowds
No matter where you look in the market, there are signs of exuberance.
1 to 16 of 1642 Posts
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