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Lance Roberts is the Chief Investment Strategist, Chief Economist and member of the investment committee for STA Wealth Mgmt. His primary focuses are macro trends, financial, fundamental and technical analysis of the markets and equities, credit markets, ... more


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Market Continues “Euphoric” Advance As 3500 Becomes Next Target
Markets are pushing limits which have previously resulted in fairly brutal reversions. This week, the market pushed those deviations even further as the S&P 500 has now pushed into 3-standard deviation territory above the 200-Week moving average.
EC The Fed Won’t Avert The Next “Crisis,” They Will Cause It
The problem with low interest rates for so long is they have encouraged the misallocation of capital.
Technically Speaking: This Is Nuts – Part Deux
Currently, with investors all extremely long equity exposure, the risk of a correction has become elevated.
Comparison & The Role Your Advisor Should Play
Psychological factors account for fully 50% of investor shortfalls in the investing process. Of course, not having the capital to invest is equally important.
This Is Nuts & Why We Reduced Risk On Friday
When you sit down with your portfolio management team, and the first comment made is “this is nuts,” it’s probably time to think about your overall portfolio risk. On Friday, that was how the investment committee both started and ended.
MacroView: Has The Fed Trapped Itself?
The longer the Fed avoids normalizing monetary policy, and weaning the “crack-addicted” markets off of their “liquidity drug,” the bigger the “reversion” will be “when”, not “if”, it occurs.
January 2020 Energy Sector Analysis
We have been discussing the opportunity that may be presenting itself in the Energy sector. With oil prices rising, and valuations better than other areas of the market, there are some trading opportunities starting to appear.
EC Market Bubbles: It’s Not The Price, It’s The Mentality
There is a strong belief the financial markets are not in a bubble, and the arguments supporting that belief are based on comparisons to past market bubbles.
The Next Decade: Valuations & The Destiny Of Low Returns
After a decade of strong, liquidity-driven, post-crisis returns in the financial markets, investors are hopeful the next decade will deliver the same, or better.
Financial Planning: A Change To RMD’s For Post-49’ers
This financial industry and retirees have been trying to figure out what the passage of the SECURE ACT means to them. In particular, we keep getting one really important question from readers...
Market Flat In 2020 As Iran Trips Up Traders
As we head into 2020, our major theme is the potential decline of the U.S. Dollar, relative to other currencies, which has a profound impact on many other sectors of the market.
MacroView: Will The The Market Repeat The Start Of 2018?
Currently, we are being told there is “nothing to worry about” with respect to the financial system. Maybe, but the amount of liquidity being injected dwarfs all previous injections by massive proportions.
30% Up Years – Should You Sell It?
The bull market turned in an impressive gain of over 30% (on a total return basis) in 2019. While not a rarity in market history, it certainly falls into the “outlier” category.
7-Difficult Trading Rules To Follow In Bull Markets
The biggest problems facing investors over the long-term are falling prey to the various psychological behaviors which impede our investing success.
Special Update: Market “Melt Up” Continues
Investor optimism has surged to record highs. As noted by Sentiment Trader, this is a marked reversal from just one year ago as sentiment plumbed more extreme lows.
7 Simple Investing Rules Your Mother Taught You
Before you chase a stock that has already moved 100%, or more, try and figure out where the herd may move to next, and “place your bets there.”
1 to 16 of 1393 Posts
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