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Lance Roberts is the Chief Investment Strategist, Chief Economist and member of the investment committee for STA Wealth Mgmt. His primary focuses are macro trends, financial, fundamental and technical analysis of the markets and equities, credit markets, ... more


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Capitalism Is The Worst, Except For All The Rest – Part 3
Capitalism is the only system that will provide you the ability to achieve unbridled success. Yes, the Government can pay for anything you want. The problem is that it requires those who are succeeding to pay for it.
Trade Deal Done? Is 3300 The Next Stop For The Market?
On Thursday and Friday, the market surged on hopes that a “trade deal” was coming to fruition. This was not a surprise to us. A limited “trade deal” would potentially set the markets up for a run to 3300.
The Myths Of “Broken Capitalism” – Part 2
Since we are currently running a trillion dollar annual deficit, we should probably think twice about keeping the rich in a position to continue feeding the public coffers.
Technically Speaking: This Is Nuts & The Reason To Focus On Risk
Since the lows of last December, the markets have climbed ignoring weakening economic growth, deteriorating earnings, weak revenue growth, and high valuations on “hopes” that more “Fed rate cuts” and “QE” will keep this current bull market.
Dispelling The Myths Of Capitalism & The Value Of Prosperity – Part 1
Over the last decade, wealth inequality in America has become a political battleground. Is there a problem with capitalism? Does it need reform?
Market Review: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Market participants have continued to chase momentum in the market. That chase continues to confine money flows into fewer sectors which have relative strength and have high liquidity.
Technically Speaking: The Risk To The Bullish View Of Trade Deal
Given that earnings are already on the decline, the benefits of tax cut legislation have been absorbed, and economic growth is weakening, there is little to boost asset prices higher.
Earnings Season & The Truth About Wall Street Analysis
Earnings results for the third quarter is fast approaching, and investors are getting excited for the “beat the estimate” game where Wall Street continually lowers estimates so companies can beat them.
A “Trade Deal” Is Coming As Trump Needs “Win” For Election
On an intermediate-term basis, a “sell signal” has been registered, which suggests there is downward pressure on stocks over the next month. The July and September tops are nearly identical suggesting a “double top” is in progress.
Peak Buybacks? Has Corporate Indulgence Hit Its Limits
Since the passage of “tax cuts,” in late 2017, the surge in corporate share buybacks has become a point of much debate.
Technically Speaking: How To Safely Navigate A Late Stage Bull Market
Markets have a very nasty habit of sucking individuals into them when prices become detached from fundamentals. Such is the case currently and has generally not had a positive outcome.
The Disconnect Between The Markets & Economy Has Grown
While financial markets have surged to “all-time highs,” the majority of Americans who have little, or no, vested interest in the financial markets have a markedly different view.
The Moment You Know You Know, You Know
The risk/reward does not favor the bulls short term. The market is back to very overbought conditions, the upside to the top of the bullish trend channel is about 1.9%. The downside risk is about 5.5%.
The Fed & The Stability/Instability Paradox
Yesterday, the Fed lowered interest rates by a quarter-point and maintained their “dovish” stance but suggested they are open to “allowing the balance sheet to grow.”
Technically Speaking: The Risk Of A Liquidity Driven Event
While the 10-year Treasury rate did pop up last week, it did little to reverse the majority of “inversions” which currently exist on the yield curve.
NFIB Survey Trips Economic Alarms
Being optimistic about the economy and the markets currently is far more entertaining than doom and gloom. However, it is an honest assessment of the data, along with the underlying trends, which are useful in protecting one’s wealth longer-term.
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