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Lance Roberts is the Chief Investment Strategist, Chief Economist and member of the investment committee for STA Wealth Mgmt. His primary focuses are macro trends, financial, fundamental and technical analysis of the markets and equities, credit markets, ... more

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MacroView: Japan, The Fed, & The Limits Of QE
This past week saw a couple of interesting developments.
Technically Speaking: Chasing The Market? Warnings Are Everywhere
Currently, the market is more than 11% above its longer-term daily average price. These more extreme deviations tend not to last an extraordinarily long time.
After A Decade, Investors Are Finally Back To Even
During strongly advancing, and very long bull markets, investors become overly complacent about the potential risks of investing.
Market Believes It Has Immunity To Risks
The continued rally this past week has fully reversed the corrective process and returned the markets to 3-standard deviations above the 200-dma. And all daily, weekly, and monthly conditions have returned to more extreme overbought levels as well.
MacroView: Debt, Deficits & The Path To MMT
The larger the balance of debt has become, the more economically destructive it is by diverting an ever-growing amount of dollars away from productive investments to service payments.
EC Falling Oil Prices An Economic Warning Sign
There is an old axiom which states that if you repeat a falsehood long enough, it will eventually be accepted as fact. Low oil prices equating to stronger economic growth is one of those falsehoods.
Technically Speaking: COT Positioning – Risk Of Correction Still High (Q1-2020)
Even if we set aside investor sentiment and positioning for a moment, the rapid reversion is price has sent our technical composite overbought/oversold gauge back towards more extreme levels of overbought conditions.
Market Downturn? Putting Corrections Into Perspective
The risk of a larger mean reverting event is a possibility which is completely dismissed by the mainstream media under the guise of “this time is different.”
Market Vaccine For Virus Is More Fed’s “Not QE”
The Fed has been clearly concerned about the potential of global instability impacting the U.S. In their most recent report to Congress, the “coronavirus” made its appearance as the latest threat to the global economic instability.
MacroView: The Next “Minsky Moment” Is Inevitable
At this point in the cycle, the next “Minsky Moment” is inevitable. All that is missing is the catalyst to start the ball rolling. An unexpected recession would more than likely due to the trick.
Dallas Fed President Sees “No Move” In Fed Funds Rate
The yield curve is inverted once again. And that’s flashing another recession signal.
SOTM 2020: State Of The Markets
The stock market should be a reflection of actual economic growth.
Technically Speaking: Market Bounce, January, & The Super Bowl
The market failed at the bottom of the broken trend line yesterday, which suggests this “short-term” bounce is likely an opportunity to rebalance risks into.
The Rotation To Value Is Inevitable
It is often noted that history doesn’t repeat, but it often rhymes, particularly when it comes to financial markets. It is not a question of if the rotation to value will occur, it is only a function of when.
Market Correction Goes Viral, Is It Time To Buy?
As markets are rising, investors ignore the warning signs and the flashing yellow lights, under the assumption there is no risk ahead. The road took a sharp right as the “Coronavirus” begin to impact overly optimistic views of a global reflation.
MacroView: The Fed’s View Of Valuations May Be Misguided
Over long periods, valuations are strong predictors of expected returns, which is what matters for investors.
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