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E Still Waiting On Silver
If you are still waiting on silver to bring you huge profits, your wait just got longer.
Betting On Gold?
The Labor Day weekend gave gold investors three days to prime themselves for the anticipated price launch. Then, Tuesday happened.
E It's Not Biden's Inflation
When someone says "inflation is back," they are referring to rising prices. They are wrong on two counts. No amount of government spending causes inflation. And it isn't "back," because it never went away.
E The Rise And Fall Of Gold Stocks
If you are speculating on new highs for gold and want to own it, then buy it. Don't expect gold shares to outperform gold itself.
E Everything Peaked In 1980 - The Waning Effects Of Inflation
More and more inflation yields less and less of the intended results. This is much like the pattern experienced during drug addiction. The Fed cannot tell how much inflation is 'necessary' to avoid economic collapse and how much is too much.
E Price Of Silver - 100 Years In The Making
Extreme volatility makes it more difficult to invest in silver with much confidence for the longer term. It also indicates a need for more reliance on timing, rather than time. Investing in silver long-term is unwarranted and unprofitable.


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No Fear Of Inflation; Threat Of Deflation
5 months ago

The world economy is funded with cheap, over leveraged credit. A credit collapse this time around will likely overwhelm anything the Fed can do to stave off total economic collapse. End result would be full-scale depression.

No Fear Of Inflation; Threat Of Deflation
5 months ago

Interest rates on 20-year US Treasury Bond have more than doubled since last August from less than 1% to more than 2%. The corresponding drop in value of the bond itself is more than 20%. Those are huge moves in a bond market that is already over leveraged and teetering precipitously.

Barrick And Buffett - A Different Perspective
7 months ago

I don't know. I think you might be right, but I'm sure he has input.

MMT - Variation On A Theme
1 year ago

Thanks for your comments. You are correct. I will have more to say about MMT and gold in my next article.

Gold Market Manipulation And The Federal Reserve
1 year ago

Correct. The higher price for gold is a reflection of the corresponding loss in purchasing power of the US dollar; which is an effect of the inflation created by the Fed.

Gold Market Manipulation And The Federal Reserve
1 year ago

Point 1: I am not at all "defending the Fed", as you say. Nor, did I use the word "relic" in reference to gold; or say anything similar to that. The Federal Reserve has destroyed the US dollar over the past century by continually expanding the supply of money and credit. That debasement of the US dollar has led to a decline of more than ninety-eight percent in its purchasing power. That decline in purchasing power is the reason for gold's higher price over time from $20 per oz. to $1700 per ounce. Point 2: Some gold investors are way too price conscious; nay, price-dependent is a more accurately descriptive term. They seem to be constantly in need of higher prices to justify their predictions for gold. Point 3: The purpose of the article is to point out how each time higher price expectations aren't met, the price predictors trot out the price suppression argument. If they understood and accepted the argument for everything it implies, then they would already own physical gold and they wouldn't have to defend their errant price predictions. Point 4: The case for gold is not about price. It is about value. Gold's value is in its use as money and its value is constant and stable. It is the original measure of value for all other goods and services. Gold's price tells us nothing about gold. It tells us what has happened to the US dollar; nothing else.

Gold - Bulls Vs Bears; Price Vs Value
1 year ago

ALL currencies are substitutes for real money, i.e., gold.

Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide - Cash Is King, Not Gold
1 year ago

Yes, that's true. They have intentionally expanded the supply of money and credit for more than one hundred years. But all of their planned efforts are having less and less impact. It could get away from them. All of that QE won't have the intended effects if everyone heads for the exits at once. Eventually, they will probably kill the US dollar for good, but the timing could be skewed considerably.

In this article: GLD, UUP
Has Gold Broken Out Or Not? Technicals And Fundamentals
2 years ago

If the US dollar continues to decline, then gold prices will reflect that by moving higher.

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