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Kelsey Williams has more than forty years experience in the financial services industry, including fourteen years as a full-service financial planner. His website, Kelsey's Gold Facts, ...more


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Gold’s Deceptive New Highs
On the surface, it appears that the gold price is working its way higher, even after dropping back from new all-time highs. The chart below gives a different impression.
An End To Inflation – Three Possibilities
It may seem counterintuitive; especially in light of the ongoing increase in the cost of goods and services experienced recently that seem to have no limit, but the end of inflation is inevitable.
Kelsey Williams Interview With David Scranton
'Inflation' is the new buzz word. And it was the featured topic March 4th on David Scranton's television show The Income Generation. The show airs weekly on Newsmax TV. Kelsey was a featured guest on the show and discussed his new book.
1 to 3 of 3 Posts