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E Gold - US Dollar Vs US Dollar Index
The price of gold at any given moment tells us exactly what the value of the U.S. dollar is, and how much it has declined over the years. And gold's price includes people's cumulative, current perceptions of - and expectations for - the U.S. dollar.
E Peak Gold Is Not A Bullish Fundamental For Prices
Proponents of peak gold theory believe that traditional forces of supply and demand will create a situation that is bullish for gold, i.e., higher gold prices. Sounds logical. But there are other factors.
E Gold Technical Perspective - Why So Bullish?
Is there sufficient technical justification to support wildly bullish claims for new highs in gold prices? Does technical analysis need to be so convoluted? ...risk on the downside is still significant. Possibly much more than most recognize.
E Are Gold Bulls Naively Optimistic?
If gold marches higher from here, does that signify that all is well? Would the gurus and wanna-be millionaires be proven correct if gold were priced at $10,000.00 per ounce?
E Fantasy Prices For Real Estate
"How much is your house worth today? It is worth what you can sell it for. Not what you think it’s worth. And not what it is assessed for. Also not what your realtor or an appraiser says it is worth."
Gold Price – US$700 Or US$7000?
If we expect gold to reach $7000.00 per ounce, and we are correct, does that mean that we can’t reasonably expect gold to go as low as $700.00 per ounce?
E Looking Back, Looking Ahead - How Low Can Gold Go?
Predictions for gold's price are more than guesses, but they might as well be just guesses. That's unfortunate, because no small amount of time is spent trying to analyze gold. And it is time wasted.
E Federal Reserve - Conspiracy Or Not?
If the Federal Reserve is a conspiratorial organization, has it done anything to redeem itself? In other words, is its continued existence justified when looking back at its past accomplishments? Or its potential contributions going forward?
E Gold's Not An Investment - You Won't Get Rich
For gold's price to go to $10,000.00 from here, and rapidly, there would need to be a corresponding drop in the value of the U.S. dollar. Which means you would need to pay much more for all goods and services.
E Silver Fails Miserably To Meet Expectations
Silver is currently at $14.41. From a low price point of $1.31 per ounce in October 1971, silver's price today is up 1000 percent over the past forty-seven years. That is an annualized gain of 5.21%.
E Gold, Original Money, Fiat Money
Gold is real money and it is original money. What we call money today is really just paper. Here is a history of gold and money and why it matters.
E Gold Stocks Vs. Gold - Cryin' Time Again
Gold stocks have underperformed relative to gold and woefully underperformed relative to expectations. And it isn't getting any better.
E Arguing About Fed Policy Is A Waste Of Time
No President wants to be in office to preside over a recession or depression. But neither can they exercise any power or influence regarding the implementation of Fed policy, particularly when it comes to interest rates.
E How Government Causes Inflation
The term government includes central banks. The U.S. Treasury, in conjunction with the Federal Reserve, continually expands the supply of money and credit by issuing Treasury Bonds, Notes, and Bills. Their actions are intentional and destructive.
E Federal Reserve And The Markets
Stocks and bonds fell significantly over the past several days, partly in response to comments by Chairman Powell. So, we hear criticism that the Fed is guilty of policy error. "The Fed needs to be more accommodative at this time." Maybe; maybe not.
E "A Loaf Of Bread, A Gallon Of Gas, An Ounce Of Gold" Revisited
The continual, ever-increasing prices of all goods and services is symptomatic of a currency with a terminal illness. The U.S. dollar (and all paper currencies) are substitutes for real money. As such, they are doomed to eventual destruction.
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