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E The Fed Is Chasing Its Own Tail; It Doesn't Care What You Think
The Federal Reserve has lost control of things and spends most of its time putting out fires. The Fed caused the Great Depression and the Great Recession. Is it realistic to think that they can prevent another credit collapse?
E $100 Silver Has Come And Gone
In January 1980, the price of silver peaked at just under $50 per ounce. Now, once again, $100 per ounce is a talking point for some. Why?
E Silver Is Cheap - And Getting Cheaper
Silver is definitely cheap. By almost any standard of measurement, the price of silver is cheap. For some, that apparently means that silver is a bargain, too. I'm not so sure.
E Investors Act Like Spoiled Children
When children ask for treats they don't get, they might throw a temper tantrum. Investors, and certain politiicians, seem to act similarly.
E What If Gold Is Not In A New Bull Market?
In December 1987, gold had risen 67% percent from its low point three years earlier. Proclamations of a new bull market were abundant. Expectations for exceeding the old highs had some investors fantasizing rabidly. They were rudely disappointed.
E Prospecting For Silver During Recessions
If you buy silver because you expect a recession will take its price higher, you are skating on thin ice. The expectation is fundamentally flawed and there is nothing historically to support the expectation for higher silver prices during recessions.
E Price Of Gold Is A Reflection Of US Dollar; Not US Dollar Index
For more than a year the US dollar Index has continued to strengthen, while gold has also risen in price. However, the US dollar - not the Index - is still the only determinant of the price of gold.
E US Government Is Beholden To The Fed; And Vice-Versa
The current debate between Mr. Powell and President Trump is entertaining, but it is not going anywhere. Even if a change in chair were to be orchestrated, it would not change anything as far as the ongoing operation of the Federal Reserve.
E For Gold, The Fed's Decision Didn't Matter
They got the rate cut they were expecting; but as far as the price of gold is concerned, the Fed's decision didn't matter. The reason for this is that the focus on the Fed's decision was misplaced.
E Gold's Breakout And The US Dollar
The price of gold cannot go higher to any measurable degree over time, without a correspondingly lower value in the US dollar. Anything else does not matter.
E Has Gold Broken Out Or Not? Technicals And Fundamentals
Gold's price is a reflection of what is happening to the US dollar. Any conditions you can possibly imagine that would take gold prices higher, no matter how severe, will not have any lasting impact on gold prices. It is all about the US Dollar.
E Gold Standard, Federal Reserve, Economic Law
Whether it is recognized officially by governments or not, whether a gold-standard monetary system is in place or not, gold is money. It is real money, original money.
E Gold, MMT, Fiat Money Inflation In France
Modern Monetary Theory is not 'modern'. Far from it. Governments are not 'constrained' by revenues. They have always been able to "print as much as they need".
E Stocks, Oil, Gold: Inflation-Adjusted Returns
The 6.28 percent annual real rate of return over the past ten years is not inconsistent with the stock market's long-term average of about seven percent on an inflation-adjusted basis. But it is too convenient to describe it as a return to normal.
E Silver's Next Big Move
Some say that silver at $15.00 per ounce is a bargain. Actually, they are a little more exuberant than that. Often we hear "It's a screaming buy!" Why?
E Is The Federal Reserve 'Too Big To Fail'?
By its actions in 2008 the Fed has eliminated any doubt that it is the "lender of last resort" in this country, and probably the world. But a guarantee is only as good as the guarantor. Who stands behind the Federal Reserve?
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