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E Overheated Economies Do Not Cause Inflation
There is a difference between higher asset prices and economic activity. Cheap and abundant credit IS the inflation.
E Gold Price During Hyperinflation
Under conditions characterized by price increases "so rapid and out of control that the normal concepts of value and prices are meaningless", what would happen to the price of gold?
E Higher Gold Price Is Not Correlated To Money Supply Growth
Expectations for a much higher gold price resulting from huge money creation by the Federal Reserve is shared universally by investors, analysts et al. However, it is not money supply growth that determines the gold price.
E Gold Prices - Don't Get Too Excited
The rebound in gold prices from their recent low has awakened new fervor among those looking for the elusive moonshot.
Gold’s Singular Role
Gold’s singular role is its use as money. Gold is real money because it carries the qualifying characteristics of money, including that of a store of value.
E No Fear Of Inflation; Threat Of Deflation
Inflation is the debasement of money by the government. Inflation is not a spontaneous event that just happens under certain conditions. Inflation is the conscious and intentional act of debasing the supply of money by those in charge.
Gold And US Dollar Hegemony
All currencies are substitutes for real money, i.e. gold.  And because all governments inflate and destroy their own currencies, any potential alternatives to the US dollar are as bad or worse.
E Investors, Speculators, Gamblers, Instigators
Are fanciful dreams of striking it rich by running with the social media herd the foundation of fundamental investing? Maybe there is more to it than that. Let's take a look. 
E Gold Prices Then (3/2020) And Now (3/2021)
After peaking in August 2020, and while stocks and real estate have continued their climb to much higher levels, gold has declined back to its pre-pandemic price.
E Powell And Yellen - Team Fed
In our real-life Fantasy Financial League, there are two quarterbacks - Powell and Yellen. As much as they are striving to keep the team out of the basement, their efforts seem futile. 
Gold And US Treasuries – Punctures In The Everything-Bubble
The price of gold early Friday morning this past week touched $1720. At that level, it was down $350 per ounce from its high point of $2070 last August.
E Barrick And Buffett - A Different Perspective
Why is Warren Buffett getting out of bank stocks? The answer to that question might be more newsworthy than wondering about his reasons for buying, and then selling Barrick Gold so quickly.
E Bubblicious Asset Prices, Debt Dependency, Economic Collapse
The economy of the United States has improved considerably, but it hasn't recovered fully. Nor, has it exceeded its previous level from prior to the pandemic. Yet, prices for stocks and other financial assets are discounting years of profitability.
E Janet Yellen Re: Cryptocurrencies And Terrorists
Cryptocurrencies offer a private process for the digital transfer of money. Every single transaction is recorded within a decentralized tracking system.
Stimulus Doesn’t Always Stimulate – Pushing On A String
Over time, the positive effects of stimulus become muted and lose their potency. It takes higher doses and more frequent use of the stimulus to create the same original results.
E Stimulus Doesn't Always Stimulate - Pushing On A String
Over time, any positive effects of stimulus become muted and lose their potency. It takes higher doses and more frequent use of the stimulus to create the same original results.
1 to 16 of 133 Posts
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