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E Asset Price Crash Dead Ahead?
Owning financial assets now makes no sense. Why would you want to own stocks and bonds that only go up because the Fed is expected to come to the rescue if something goes wrong?
E The Supply And Demand For Money - The End Of Inflation?
The expectation of continued inflation won't keep it going indefinitely. The large scale of weak economic conditions is indicative of a society that has, as a result of chronic inflation, become cash poor. Most people simply don't have enough money.
E MMT And Gold
Strictly speaking, if a country adopts a gold standard or "dollarizes" it does not have what we define as a sovereign currency because it has agreed to exchange its currency for gold or dollars at a fixed exchange rate.
E MMT - Variation On A Theme
According to MMT, a sovereign government spends whatever it needs, independent and irregardless of revenues from taxation, etc. There is no debt; no budget constraints. On the other hand, are there any budget constraints now?
E Gold And The Rip Van Winkle Caper
A fifty-fold increase in the price of gold over the past sixty years is a matter of fact, not fiction. But, as phenomenal as the numbers sound, it would be wise to look at them more closely. It might make a difference in our perspective.
E Gold Market Manipulation And The Federal Reserve
There are forces at work in the gold market that can be disruptive and manipulative. But, gold and silver bulls are one-sided in their arguments against manipulation.
Strong Demand Will Not Send Gold Price Higher
Gold is original money. As such, it is the measure of value for everything else. Gold was money before the US dollar and other paper currencies. All paper currencies are substitutes for gold, i.e., real money.
E Gold - Bulls Vs Bears; Price Vs Value
We place a value on things by setting a price for them. A new dress, a haircut, our homes, stocks, etc., all have a perceived value that is measured by the price affixed to it. So why does the price of gold change; and what is its value?
Silver's Apparent Recovery
When silver was at $18+ three months ago, we were being told it was last call to own silver below $20 per ounce; and the silver bullet train was supposed to be fueled by an impending stock market crash. What happened?
Potential Highs And Lows For Gold In 2020
Over time, as the US dollar continues to lose value, the price of gold continues to increase. Seemingly, it would be worthwhile to just buy gold and wait for the inevitable decline of the dollar. It is not that simple.
E Gold-Silver Ratio And Correlation
Are gold and silver correlated? Being literally specific according to the definition ("correlation measures association...") then, the question becomes "Is there association between gold and silver?"
E Fed Action Accelerates Boom-Bust Cycle; Not A Virus Crisis
Some say that fear and economic dislocation due to the COVID-19 pandemic was the culprit; but asset prices were artificially elevated due to previous Fed reflation efforts and left the stock market vulnerable to a selloff of considerable magnitude.
E 100% Silver Coin Premium Is Factual... And Farcical
Silver supply hasn't changed in any way that would alter demand for it. What has changed is some people’s insistence on owning it in a specific form, i.e., silver coins, and their willingness to pay ridiculous premiums for that privilege.
E Gold Prices - Expected Inflation Has Already Occurred; Effects Are Unpredictable
There is a relationship between higher gold prices and inflation, but the two are not directly related. The confusion results from a misunderstanding about inflation and its effects. Those effects are volatile and unpredictable.
E Silver Charts Say $5 Or Lower Is Coming
Silver can go lower still - much lower; and, it probably will. After that, even a best case scenario could keep silver prices in check for years to come. For wealth preservation, nothing else is better than gold.
E Expectations For Higher Gold Prices - Fly In The Ointment
The ensuing price - and credit - collapse could very possibly overwhelm the efforts of the Federal Reserve. With prices of all assets lower by sixty percent or more, the relative strength in the US dollar will show up in a much lower gold price.
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