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Pulling The Plug On Gold Stocks
2 months ago

I have been clear in my articles about gold stocks that there are occasions when gold stocks outperform gold for short periods of time. But over time gold continues to move higher as the dollar loses purchasing power. And gold stocks continue to lose ground on both an absolute and relative basis. If you happen to catch an occasion when gold stocks outperform gold, take the money and run. There is nothing historically to support expectations for any fundamental outperformance of gold stocks vs. gold. 

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The Price Of Gold Is Irrelevant
11 months ago

Thank you!

Demand For Gold - No New Highs
11 months ago

Thanks, Linda!

Does Crypto Still Have Value?
1 year ago

Thanks for your comments. 

As I understand it, the utility value of cryptocurrencies, which includes tokenization, is dependent on applicable use of the blockchain technology - a decentralized clearing process. To me, additional convenience and liquidity don't make up for the loss of privacy when governments and regulators get involved. The decentralized clearing is a threat to them as the $amount of transactions grows.

I don't like the use of the word 'securitization' of assets when it comes to tokenization, either. Digital representation of real assets/wealth invites concerns about risk that may be underestimated at this point. 

I am in favor of different options for everyone to consider and use as far as transaction settlements are concerned, meaning parties should be able to transact business in bitcoin, dollars, gold, whatever they want. A free market would allow that to happen naturally.  Regardless, it will take a long time for cryptocurrencies to establish themselves as a form of money that is acceptable and reliable - and show stability. That means knowing the value of the version of crypto the survives/emerges without having to calculate its worth in terms of some other form of money. Otherwise, it is an asset with investment potential, but it is not money because it is not an accepted medium of exchange, not a measure of value and not a store of value. 

If you haven't read my other articles on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, you can find them on my website Kelsey's Gold Facts at 


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Demand For Gold - No New Highs
1 year ago

See my article "Gold - What New Highs?

Consumers And Markets Both Agree, It’s Not Consumer Price Inflation
2 years ago

Great article! Spot on. 

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Inflation Or Deflation - End Result Is Still Depression
2 years ago

No, not at all. What I meant is that the effects of hyperinflation are  catastrophically worse than anything else we are currently experiencing or can imagine.

Inflation Or Deflation - End Result Is Still Depression
2 years ago

The effects of inflation (higher prices for most goods and services) are everpresent and ongoing because inflation created by the Fed never stops. So expect that to continue. You should be happy that we haven't had to experience hyperinflation or credit collapse and deflation. Hopefully we can avoid hyperinflation, but the end result is still economic depression. 

No Fear Of Inflation; Threat Of Deflation
3 years ago

The world economy is funded with cheap, over leveraged credit. A credit collapse this time around will likely overwhelm anything the Fed can do to stave off total economic collapse. End result would be full-scale depression.

No Fear Of Inflation; Threat Of Deflation
3 years ago

Interest rates on 20-year US Treasury Bond have more than doubled since last August from less than 1% to more than 2%. The corresponding drop in value of the bond itself is more than 20%. Those are huge moves in a bond market that is already over leveraged and teetering precipitously.

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