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The Stand

Date: Thursday, March 28, 2024 6:17 PM EDT

Probably my most favorite yucky scary book is Stephen King's The Stand.  I read it once, a very long time ago in my younger days and it just really made me feel very uneasy.


And here we are in 2024 and i feel i am living The Stand.  Like all the forces of good and evil are lining up on both sides for "god only knows what".

Well, at least that is the way it seems to me.


The reason i am writing this while on sabbatical is because i have been watching the new HBO series "The Truth vs. Alex Jones".  

And guess what?  Voila!

The Truth vs. The Lie.  It's time to go to Vegas!  

It made me think of The Stand, and i had already been thinking of The Stand before i saw the HBO special.

We are converting over into a new world, folks!  Information is Gold!  And right now, the information being shared is somewhat equally dispersed between the "good guys" and the "bad guys". 


Although i doubt if any of you believe it or not, it feels like the world's future is going to be dependent on a somewhat small, selected group of people who live in states like Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania.  (Somewhat displaying the weakness in some of the earlier written rules in the U.S. Constitution).

Now, that is pretty fucking scary from someone with The Stand mindset!


 Then i think about "human consciousness" and how it slowly develops, and how some people have "higher levels of consciousness" than others, and i don't know how high the average level of consciousness has become, making it rather scary when the "higher level of consciousness" sees nothing but Good, and the "lower level of consciousness" sees nothing but Bad.  Or the "higher sees the Truth" and the "lower sees the Lie".  

What are we as a "human race"?  

I guess we will find out in November, based upon what the people of Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania decide for us.

God bless the Way of Democracy!


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Terrence Howard 3 months ago Member's comment

Never read that one by King.

Jim Boswell 3 months ago Author's comment

I think he considers it his best--it's about 800 pages long.  They did a television series on it once with about ten or twelve episodes.  Spooky, spooky, spooky.

Terrence Howard 3 months ago Member's comment

I just looked it up. It sounds really good.