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I have nearly fifty years of professional experience in the development of management information and analytical business decision support systems. Broadly disciplined with exceptional experience. Education includes an MBA from the Wharton School-University of Pennsylvania, an MPA in public ... more


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Three Thoughts
My Two Cents For What It Is Worth
Keep Up The Good Work
an update
Change The Dialogue On Infrastructure
who cares?
Defining My "Niche" For Myself
Am I A "Niche" Blogger And Too Political To Touch?
Just How Screwed Up Obama's Thinking Is Or Was
critique on Obama's The Promised Land
Small Appreciations Can Mean Alot
The Complex Simplified
an example
Globanomic Governance
Infrastructure Revisited
more thought on infrastructure
Curriculum For A Globanonacist
I think to become a “real globanomacist”, to be certified that is, would require one to show that they understand and/or proficient in the factors that went into globanomics, including, love, reciprocity, microeconomics, etc.
Just A Thought To Be Documented
a thought
One Part Of Balancing The Budget
for those scoffers
Infrastructure---Don't Screw It Up Now
Hugs And Kisses
Discussion of Trump's recent "hugs and kisses" statement regarding the rioters and the police on January 6, 2021.
1 to 16 of 170 Posts
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