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Author of Globanomics. Jim has nearly fifty years of professional experience in the development of management information and analytical business decision support systems. Broadly disciplined with exceptional experience. Education includes an MBA from the Wharton School-University of Pennsylvania, ...more

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Putin's War Against The World
Well, more bombs from Putin yesterday. Looks like he really is going to try and make this a cold winter.
Why It's Time For U.S. Business To Pay Their Fair Share
We can tax business on "market value" gains and still leave plenty for investors. Trickle-down economics is a myth.
Is China's Influence Around The World Really Growing?
Why I think China's influence economically is overstated.
The Performance Evaluation Report Card (PERC) Methodology Explained
A PERC program can be put in place in response to a crisis to drive rapid improvements, but can be also run for years or decades in order to prevent future problems. It is a powerful system with a light touch.
Embryos Of Globanomics And Some Of Its Principals
A discussion about the embryos of globanomics and some of its principals.
The China Is A "Paper Tiger" Thing Revisited
I have been giving more thought to my claim that China is a “paper tiger." Let's see how China fares against other countries in the ten business categories defined in the Forbes Global 2000 business market value index.
Ten-Year History Of Global Investment By Market Category
Ten business sectors account for the total global market value, which was $36.9 Trillion in 2011 and $54.3 Trillion in 2020. Let's have a look at the ten-year history of global investment by market category.
How The World Turns Day After Day After Day
This article explains my optimism for future world conditions, including business and market conditions..
No Better Time Than Right Now, Today - Invest In The United States Of America
Leading the world with companies like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet - it is the United States and the United States' businesses that direct the world's future. 
China Is A Paper Tiger - It's Time To Fully Implement Globanomics
What we seek with Globanomics is a better, more loving future for all of Human Kind and Human Kind’s planet, Earth. It is still early in the new millennium, but it is not too early to start using Globanomics to lead the way.
Should You Invest Or Divest Right Now?
There will never be a better time than right now to invest. Yes, the world has been acting crazy most of its life, but that is about to change under new American leadership called Joe Biden. 
Lesson Number One In Globanomics
How and why globanomic data is important to use in developing national strategies?
The Reintroduction Of Globanomics
Globanomics is not an “America First” philosophy like that espoused by the current administration. In fact, “America First” is antithetical to Globanomics, as much so as would be a “Europe First” or a “China First” philosophy.
Here Is Another Way To Look At The August COVID-19 Numbers
Here's a look at the August COVID-19 deaths per capita by state, which in and of itself, provides a clear picture of what is currently going on.
Here Is The Cost For The Politically Unnecessary COVID-19 Deaths In The US
There is probably no better day than today to show the cost in COVID-19 deaths for the politicization of the United States’ response to the coronavirus pandemic. Why today? 
The Myth Behind The Trump Administration's Unprecedented Economic Performance
A look at several financial (stock indices) and economic indicators (unemployment, GDP) between the Obama and Trump Administrations.
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