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Brett Baier

Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2024 7:07 PM EDT

Any more you have to get your news from all different sources because it seems everyone either tries to put a spin on things or they go "neutral"--making it quite difficult for people to make any sense of things.  Another problem is the fact that we have 24-hours of news and unless someone deciphers it all (which no one does) it just becomes overwhelming.

It's like we have made something that is quite simple into something that is quite complex.  Keep it simple, stupid.  Add complexity only when needed!


Where am i coming from?

Well, i just learned from Bret Baier (the first person to tell me this) that Putin is visiting Jinping again.


Well, well, well.  That might not be surprising to you, but it is to me.  

Why in the hell does Putin need to see Jinping again?  Hell, didn't he make a visit a few months ago?  Why does he have to go back and see him now--and so much shortly after a Blinken visit?


If i was a conspiracy theorist i would blame Globanomics, but i am not a conspiracy theorist.  Instead, i blame the press for not seeing what is really going on.  Either that or i am the dumbest son of a gun in the world.


World peace, today, tomorrow, and forever.


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Dan Richards 2 months ago Member's comment

Never a good thing when China and Russia get together in a huddle.  Means bad plans are afoot.

Jim Boswell 2 months ago Author's comment

It is never good to jump to conclusions.  The world is different today than it was even a year ago--and in the last year things have not gone very well for Putin or Jinping.  The writing is on the wall.  The question is whether they can read it.

Dan Richards 2 months ago Member's comment

Except things are starting to turn around for Putin in Ukraine. He's finally winning.  I support Trump and the GOP, but they were wrong to block aid to Ukraine.  Putin is not a hero or an ally as Trump likes to pretend. He is one of our greatest foes.  By denying the aid to Ukraine, we may have given Putin a win that will only embolden his tryanny.

At least Johnson finally gave in and allowed the vote to go ahead to give the aid. But it might be too little too late.

Jim Boswell 2 months ago Author's comment

Well, Dan (i cannot excuse for liking el trumpo no matter how confused are), but it doesn't matter.  Putin better not be counting on any help from the Iranians because there shit didn't work.  Maybe Putin can get North Korea to help him.  China isn't going to help him.

There is a reason Blinken was dancing and playing his guitar in Ukraine yesterday.  The only reason for Putin to try to hold out through the summer is in the hope that el trumpo will suck his personal stuff again. 

And one other thing.  Don't assume the press is up on everything.  Russia has been making gains, but as you dig into it a bit you find out that those gains were before Mr. Speaker of the House finally rebuked your Golden Idol.  If he had waited any later, you can guess what--because the what is what everybody had been telling the Speaker since December last year.