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4 Buy-Rated Growth Stocks To Snatch Up In May
28 days ago

in this week's Barron's Mirova Global Sustainable Equity which I think belongs to French brokerage Natixis, has 3.6% of its assets in TMO. I in fact have more than that, but I am not French. Barron's says it was founded in 2006 which is nonsense as I bought it 30 years ago, but that is because the old TMO merged with a firm making machines for diagnostic testing, healthcare equipment, lab tests, and gene sequencing, which were not part of the original Thermo I bought 30-odd years ago even though I spent some time living in France during that period. They also like another golden oldie I own, Microsoft plus two firms I don't own from Denmark and Germany despite being an ADR maven, only on of which has an ADR. Even though I am a contributor I want to enter your contest.

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4 Buy-Rated Growth Stocks To Snatch Up In May
28 days ago

although I am mainly an investor in ADRs, my largest holding of all is Thermo Fisher, a US company which I have owned for over 30 years. I bought it with a broker named David Karrick with Dean Witter, both of which are now departed from the scene back in the dark ages when people got analysis from their stock brokers. There is something to be said for that even if I was charged a commission for the purchase.

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Friday Market Report
1 month ago

not Birmingham. we will stay mostly in London and maybe Devon

Where To Now?
2 months ago

I read articles. I do not watch tv

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Weekend Metals Report - Sunday, April 4
2 months ago

I don't view movies on-line. I read text.

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This Weekend Is Different From All Other Weekends
2 months ago

you will need to spell out where I lost you. all best, vivian

What's In Your Core?
2 months ago

if you do something comparable about non-US etfs we will run it.

all best, vivian

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It’s Time To Do The Twist Again
3 months ago

we can learn from history. what a splendid article!

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Seven Key Funds To Watch Next Week
3 months ago

if everything broke through negatively you have to sit it out. But finance and oil rose, which the writer didn't mention

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Cathie Wood: Fintech Is One Of The 'Most Misunderstood' Technology Platforms
3 months ago

my bank's ATMs don't work. will crypto help me or make it worse???

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