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Go Global
9 days ago

I love freebies but what is an Echo Show? vivian

FOMO Trend Caught On
11 days ago

I have no idea what an Echo Show might be but of course I hope to win it

International Stock Update
17 days ago

first the acquired fund is now being Templetonized. Secondly the odds of a recovery are higher in a fund judging investments individually and hedging selectively are better than those for a scatter-shot fund. As your own note says the loss of value was not the same

between the two emerging markets bond funds.

That is the point of my writing. I never met Sir John Templeton but I did attend college courses with Mark Mobius who ran EMF and also that it was backed by the private enterprice arm of the World Bank (The IFC) I therefore knew that we wanted to own that fund and not the later feeble copy-cats. When people look for a way to invest in a category of the market they usually do not have these kind of clear statistics and there aren't exactly a lot of advisors, even Morningstar, who analyse their differences.

I have no idea what an Echo Show may be but I would like to enter the contest

Monday Market Review
1 month ago

we will soon get our site up and running again and if you want to continue to read my daily blog you need to think about subscribing. we will not charge for the blogs until they are locked in to our site and not sent to people by talk-markets like now. Yes the Russians do like to kill anti-Putin people to show them who is in charge. It is a relic of his being a KGB man.

Markets: Volatile And Mixed
1 month ago

I suspect that like me you can remember the earlier inflationary years. so buy physical gold as a hedge. vivian

We Are All Jains Now
2 months ago

please visit to view different options for new subscriptions. and we also offer a free daily blog covering non-financial news of general importance like the Jain article you liked

The Two 5G Tech Stocks To Buy Now That Huawei Is Banned Across The Globe
2 months ago

I have owned Nokia for 4 years ad Ericsson for 4 months and written up why in my newsletter, for my paid subscribers to follow me into the shares. NOK, ERIC

In this article: NOK, ERIC
We Are All Jains Now
2 months ago

I never promised you a summary or conclusion. My blog aims to inform readers about foreign stocks, bonds, and closed-end or exchange-traded funds. I own what I write about but readers can make their own minds up. I am not a money manager but a journalist.

4 months ago

this is not a cure but it will lower the number of bed-days that hospitals need to provide. Every bit helps. I agree with you that we were slow to react and I am chagrined that the two people whom I knew best who died from corona virus were both foreigners who had chosen to live in New York, Henri Gueron who was French by birth and Colin Fergus, a neighbor of ours who was born British. We let them down as a country by being slow to get people to try social distancing.

Ten Plagues
7 months ago

to some extent that was also the case for Moses. But I am not going to do biblical prophesy. today I am writing about my first relatives in lockdown, my neice's parents in Turin. this thing is not reall a joke any more and the stock market is showing its fear Monday

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