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Tesla: Headed Much Higher After Blockbuster Shareholder Event
5 years ago

I think "deep financial trouble" is a bit of an over dramatization. Tesla is relatively sound financially and is a lot closer to generating net income than many believe.

There will be no trade war and even if there were Tesla would likely not be impacted significantly. And I assure you self driving is not a con, it's the future.

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Tesla: Short Squeeze Of The Century
5 years ago

This is an article about an upcoming short squeeze in TSLA, not about all the material you mentioned. Remember, I write about what I want to cover, not about what you would like me to. Also, I write articles on specific topics not decorations about "everything"...

Having said that, feel free to visit my page on SA, I have covered just about all the points you made extensively in past articles. And I will release 2019 model earnings soon, thanks for the idea.

You seem to only focus on present and past events, with little to no insight into the future, like most other bears. This is the main reason behind continuous loss of money from your camp.

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Bitcoin’s Value: Probably A Lot Higher Than You Think
5 years ago

If Bitcoin is not a real currency, then what is? And what make it a real currency and not Bitcoin? Also, bitcoin exchanges can get hacked not the actual Bitcoin blockchain/network. The major governments where the bulk of Bitcoin action occurs, U.S., Japan are going to have difficulty deeming it illegal after legitimizing Bitcoin.

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