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Founder of Albright Investment Group, MBA graduate, active investor, entrepreneur, and financial analyst. I have been investing since 2002, and I enjoy writing about companies and topics I have invest in. I manage a private long equity fund, as well as a secondary hedging and trading portfolio. ... more


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Rivian: Long-Term Gain Over Short-Term Pain
The company may have a long road ahead, but the automaker is on the right track.
Palantir's Stock Keeps Dropping And I Keep Buying
The transitory concerns responsible for sending Palantir's stock lower should not keep shares down for long. Additionally, Palantir should benefit due to increased demand from the cryptocurrency sector.
NIO Stock: Undervalued And Heading To $200 By 2025
Right now, NIO trades at around five times next year's sales estimates, which is substantially lower than its direct competitors.
PayPal Stock: The More It Drops The More I Buy
PayPal's valuation appears relatively cheap right now, and the company should continue to expand revenues and income over the next several years.
The Drop Is Coming And It Could Be Epic
Stocks are at some of their most expensive valuations in history.
Alibaba: Yes, There Is Blood In The Streets
Alibaba's stock is now trading at a rock bottom 13.5 times next year's revised consensus EPS estimates.
Baidu Stock: Buy The Dip Now Before It Goes Much Higher
Baidu is trading at rock bottom multiples and represents a substantial value and growth opportunity for investors.
AT&T: I'm Buying It Now Before Everyone Else Does
The WarnerMedia spinoff should unlock substantial value for AT&T shareholders and provide growth potential with the stand-alone companies.
Gold And Silver: Heading Much Higher From Here
Gold and silver/GSMs have been out of favor with the market for a long time now. While stocks and other assets have surged, GSMs have remained stagnant over the last year.
Don't Get Too Comfortable: The Crash May Be Coming
A correction in ultra-high multiple names combined with multiple compression in more mature companies could cause a market meltdown soon.
Rivian: Why I Want In On This EV IPO
$65 billion may sound like a lot for a company that's debuting, but Rivian seems to have all its ducks in a row.
Moderna Is Melting - Why I Am Buying This Dip
Despite recent "setbacks," Moderna remains a company with exceptional potential.
Apple: Dead Money For Now
Apple's stock could be in trouble, may decline due to multiple compression, and is likely "dead money" for now.
NIO: Shares Are Heading Much Higher
NIO had a remarkable surge in late 2020, but there was good reason for this advance. Now the stock will likely continue to consolidate for a bit longer.
Tesla's One Trillion-Dollar Valuation Is Just The Beginning
Yes, it's official. Tesla is finally a trillion-dollar company. However, the company's growth story is still red hot.
Facebook: Buy The Dip Before The Stock Goes Much Higher
Facebook is exceptionally cheap right now, especially when compared to its peers in the mega-cap tech space.
1 to 16 of 62 Posts
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